ANAL SEX | Do your duty, Prep that Booty!


Anal sex sometimes requires a little more attention.  I guess, I care about the prep work more than some but it’s possibly because there are so many other negative repercussions like bacterial infections and what not. OOOoooor the fact that i’m a little high maintenance too. haha

Keep a healthy eating lifestyle
Indulge in foods high in fiber, raw foods like vegetables and fruits and avoid processed foods. By eating correcting it will give you a more stable bowel movement so you can avoid some prep.  First off, it’ll make your life more pleasant but mainly so it’ll be easier to empty solid bowels.

Drop the Kids off at the pool!
Empty your bowels before anal exploration. I think this is the uncharted territory people always are fearful of.  So, just go before you play.

Keep it clean.
Being as clean as possible before having your anal adventure always helps.  Just taking a nice bath or shower and just like cleaning your genitals, show extra attention to your anus. Clean up around and just one finger up to keep it nice and tidy, well as much as you can since you know what region you’re around to begin with.

Many people find that anal douches help and make them feel more comfortable. It clears you up so you when emptying your bowls isn’t such a mission. But it’s more of an optional route.  The lining of the anal canal is very delicate so when douching sometimes douching leaves micro tears leaving you vulnerable to infection and STIs.  Another downside is it rinses out the good bacteria and mucus that lines the canal, which may cause irregular bowel movements. So, if you choose to douche do it with caution. The colon absorbs liquid and leads it into the bloodstream so dumb out the premade enemas found in stores and refill it with just plain water. The premade enemas contain a laxative which will make your stool …. not solid haha and not cool for anal sex. If they don’t contain a laxative they sometimes contain alcohol and caffeine which will go directly into your bloodstream and may cause you to get sick. Just use warm water and stay away from cold since it will cause cramps and discomfort. (hop over HERE for more on anal douche info!) Be sure to grab an sports drink to hydrate yourself afterwards.

Think ahead of the game
Don’t eat a heavy meal before having anal sex.  Douche a couple hours prior to having sex to give you anal canal and colon a mini break.

 Anal sex kit?

You never know when traces of fecal matter may come into play so keep moist towelettes handy, if you do finger anal play that you won’t go back and forth.  Same with condoms, make sure you change condoms if you are trying to do vaginal sex after anal with a female.  Girls have a lot more repercussions like UTIs and Bacterial Vaginosis to deal with, so be courteous to your partner and yourself.  Guys should always use a condom also since it will help with UTI prevention.

SO! Moist towelettes, Regular ol’ towel, Tons of Condoms, and most importantly LUBE!

Don’t nail that booty!
Make sure you are all manicured up! If you are doing any type of anal play with your fingers, make sure they are nice and trimmed. Any rough edge might scrape and that just doesn’t sound good. 😉

Unlike my fabulous vagina (and you girl’s too ;P)  the anus does not secrete lubricant naturally so Lubrication is a necessity.  Please do not think cowboy lube (spit), Vaginal lubricant or  “Raw dogging” it is fine.  These are the reasons there are horror stories on anal sex!  Lubricant it liberally and constantly if need be. It will make it more pleasurable and decrease the chances of anal fissures.  As I mentioned before the colon likes to suck up all the liquids, so make sure you use plenty of lube. There are plenty of water based lubricants and silicone lubricants out there made specifically for anal sex.  Whatever you do don’t use a oil based product it clogs up your behind and its bad for ya, also leads to condom breakage.

Wash your toys!
Just like you kept your body as squeaky clean as possible, please do this to your toys too! they are usually inserted into crevices of your body so let’s keep it clean kids!

It’s not like you are going to plan anal sex every time but you can help as much as possible in case surprise anal sex happens!


Check out The High Maintenance Harlot Bich’s Anal Sex Kit, in case you want to get your own kit together.

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