Anal Sex: Firstie newb time for Anal Sex

The Wet Spots – Do You Take it?

There is no going around it, us humans like to put objects in every orifice of our bodies and fiddle with it ’til we cum. We’re just curious all the time. So when, I get asked do you like anal sex, I say yaH!?  Weren’t you curious once?

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… but Welcome to the wonderful world of buttsecks! haha I remember when I first REALLY wanted to try having anal sex and I didn’t even know how to go about doing it all.  I know it’s nothing like porn but damn that’s what is going on in everyone’s head. I know, NOW, it can lead to awesome pound-town sessions but I know in the back of my head at the time, I was thinking  “my poor lil rosebud” I’m gonna get ripped open!

So, first off… RELAX and keep an open mind.  It is your body and it’s great to explore it.  There is so much to anal sex! You don’t have to stick anything inside you, in order to enjoy other types of anal play!

Many people usually cringe since it’s been a place where not so pleasant things come out of.  We’ve had this mindset that your butt isn’t to be messed with.  BUT IT’S YOU! it’s a part of you 🙂 So, why should you NOT touch yourself?  Males and Females have it so it’s one thing you can understand together! (well,… besides the fact that guys get more out of it. haha).  That whole area is known to have an insane amount of erotic nerve endings.  So, why not take advantage of what your body already has to offer and make it work in your favor. These nerve endings allows any play to the anus, anal cavity and rectum extremely sensitive and …highly erotic if you let yourself go.

I used to be all anti-anal, probably from my religious upbringings and being a prude but once I opened my eyes, I didn’t understand why it was so taboo.  haha  Rarely, do people talk about doing it when in reality the percentages of people trying it are on the rise. I guess they are just like me and realizing you can’t knock it, until you try it. But, the geek that I am, totally researched it all before really diving head first since all the damn DP and anal porn just scared the living daylights out of me. Luckily, for me, my real Anal adventures started with a great partner who really knew what he was doing and made it pleasurable for me. I can’t say the same for most and that’s why many don’t want to try it because they didn’t prepare for the adventure. C’mon you don’t go on long road trips without any gas right?

I think the biggest part of Anal Sex is trust.  That both partners realize it’s a big “communication” deal when doing it with each other. Whether it’s by talking, reading body language and facial expressions to know if you’re partner is aroused or in pain.  Trying Anal sex out for the first time, might turn you into a  stress ball, so make sure you grab a partner that you are comfortable with since you need to relax to enjoy yourself.  Also, realize that both partners need to allow the one bottoming (the one being penetrated) to be in charge.

So, you wanna have buttsecks?

Start slow!  Massaging your partner to relax them helps, you can do this sensually or passionately hard and rough to understand and feel out what “type of sex” you’re having… yanno making love haha or making fuck.  Just relax your partner who is bottoming (aka or receiving end ) enough so when you touch their bum they want it and open up to you.  Massage lube onto the anus. Sometimes just doing that is a enough for some.   Not all anal play revolves around sticking things in.  BUT! if you do….do a little finger play! Think of the joints on your finger as speed bumps like driving. One joint, STOP, then next joint, STOP.  Let the anus pull you in. Don’t shove it in… or “porn star force it in”. You can do a little massage or swirl in there.  You’ll feel your partner if they can take it or not. (BOTTOMS! remember to tell your partner if you are hurting or can’t take it! cooooommmmmunicate! Don’t just bear the pain and think that it’s okay… it’s not you’re suppose to be having fun.)  Don’t pull in and out at first.   Just let your partner get used to something in there. Almost Provo Float it! (sorry bad joke haha) If you can a female partner, stroke her clit too Or if you have a male partner, play with his balls or penis too! dual stimulate! You can always do all this while giving your partner cunnilingus or fellatio. If you want to do more,  Once you think your partner can take something larger (toy or penis) lube it up and start slow just like your finger and let the anus pull you in!  Then, have your partner who’s bottoming gage on the amount of “in and out” they can handle.  It’s a slow process but once it gets to the point to where the bottom doesn’t mind it, you can have a pounding good ol’ time! If that’s what you’re aiming for!

It’s a fun experience where you need to “slow it down”, elongate that arousal period, do some fun ass play, lube it up and then go for it!

SO, yes, folks I like it but Just remember anal sex, isn’t for everybody and Patience is a Virtue.   😀

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