H2Ohhhhh, Water Based Lubricants! | What are water based lubricants?

Water based lubricants are the most friendliest to use out there! It has all the right qualities that are needed and wanted in a lubrication. What I mean by water based lubricant it is water soluble.  It is made with  various plant based polymers, preservatives and sometimes glycerin.  The newer lubricants that are being introduced have been adding moisturizers to decrease the stickiness and ability to stay moist longer.  So as far as water-based lubricants, there are a lot of options out there for you. But, Let’s Break it down: Pros!!!

  • It can be used with all adult sex toy products.
  • It’s great for all play including oral sex, vaginal and anal penetration, and regular ol’ masturbation.
  • Water based feels and enhances natural lubrication.
  • If you add water, it helps reactivate it.
  • It’s super easy to clean with soap and water.
  • It will not leave any sticky or slimy residue and won’t stain clothing and the sheets.
  • There are many flavored lubricants that are water-based that are perfect for oral sex.


  • Since it is made of water, it will absorb into the skin and the evaporate into the air. Water based lubes dissipate faster and you’re will need to use more lube and reapplication might be necessary.
  • Since, it evaporates faster it has a tendency to get tacky feeling to the touch. Not all water-based lubricants do this, but most do.
  • Semi-con to some not all lubricants out there. Many water based lubricants use glycerin, glycol, and glycerol.  If you are prone to yeast infections, use a lubricant that is glycerin free to make things easier on yourself. 🙂

Lubricants are all about personal preference.  I tend to lean towards recommending water based lubricants to girls since it’s easier cleanup and it is a more friendly option to sensitive vaginas out there.

h2OHHH how I love Water Based Lubricants.
h2OHHH how I love Water Based Lubricants.

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