“I’d rather use Olive Oil because it’s natural. I only like using natural products. It’s not bad for me, right?”

NO and YES! Depends!
That is great that you want to use products that are natural for your sexual lifestyle. Keep in mind oils are not bad for you,and as always what you use is always a personal preference. If you are using it for only external use and mainly for sensual massages, then I have no problem with saying that is a-ok.
Let's keep olive oil in the Kitchen and out of the bedroom.
Let’s keep olive oil in the Kitchen and out of the bedroom.

But, as for vaginas, genitals and all around anal that would be a big fat YES. *In my opinion* Specifically Yes, Olive oil is bad for you.   Keep in mind oils are like slip-n-slides and water just runs right over them.  Oils are harder to clean from your body and many times residue from the oils remain left behind whether you feel it or not.  So, just imagine that residue in your genitals and anal tissue area, these sensitive areas could incubate bad bacteria and that could lead to infections.  Let’s just say getting Bacterial Vaginosis is not on my to-do list.  I’m not saying you are a dirty person and it’s FOR SURE going to happen, but unless you are taking a microscope to your vagina after each use and cleaning it sufficiently and CHECKING it thoroughly, infections are a possibility of happening. Sad days, I know.
Now, keep in mind this is mainly for Olive oil. I have read that coconut oil has shorter molecules and absorbs into the walls of the vagina with ease.  Olive oil on the other hand have longer molecules and stick around inside the vagina and make it a feeding ground for bacteria. As well as smells that make your vagina become a hazard zone.  So, when I say hazard zone, I’m talking bacterial infections and that’s just not cute. My other main concern is, are you are using oils as a lubricant while using condoms?  Oil based lubricants tend to weaken Latex condoms to the point to where it makes small holes which leads to the condoms breaking or tearing.  Yeah, so if a condom breaks, it literally defeats the whole purpose of protecting against unwanted pregnancies and obviously unwanted STDs.

If you do decide to continue using olive oil or try using a coconut oil and would like to use a condom. Try a polyurethane or polyisoprene condom, those are the only type of condoms safe to use with any oil-based lubricant. Oh yeah, and try not to use it with your toys as well… same thing with condoms, it breaks it down.
BUT! I’m a modern girl and nowadays, with all the new types of lubricants out there, you have many options that might be a better fit for you.  There are a lot of great brands that are natural and are good for your vagina’s atmosphere down there. These all natural lubricants I’m talking about have less additives and a lot of women have less reactions to it because of it.




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