I’m SOOO Excited and I just can’t Hide it!

If I could scream at the top of my lungs and show you how excited I am about this blog… I SO WOULD RIGHT NOW. haha (!!!!)

It may seem a bit odd to want to have a blog featuring sex related products and what not but I felt kind of bad for my family members that were on my social networking sites. Seeing a huge dong or vibrating fill-in-the-blank isn’t what they want to see on a daily basis.  Plus, I doubt they wanted to hear about my thoughts about sex and all the cool toys I encounter.   So, it felt like a necessity to shove them into one little piece of web space heaven.  Plus, I actually work at an cute little adult shop and I love talking to my customers and sometimes wish there was a way we can connect on this level all the time!

So, CHEERS! *raises glass* and keep coming back for more!

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