“Is Lube okay to use, if my wife and I are trying to have a baby?”

First off, CONGRATS on trying to bring some baby into this world! … and actually having sex for the “procreation” side of it all. haha

As far as your question is concerned, NOT ALL LUBE is created equal.  Whatever you probably have at home or are trying to use, I reeeally want to say no.  There are some lube specifically made for it, but majority of the lubes on the market are not sperm-friendly.

Many of the lubes out there when they come in contact with sperm they usually die off because the low ph levels in the lube, it  seriously changes the environment down there.  Lube changes the ph levels in the cervix mucus sooo much that it pretty much is a “cock block”.  The Lube turns the sperm’s mobility into mush and drops to almost zero if it’s not dead already.  The sperm becomes unable to swim properly to a egg and latch on to fertilize it.  So, as much as the myth that using more lube can make it, so the sperm can slip-n-slide it’s way to an egg…  it is not true.

Don’t Fret, though! There is a handful of lube you can use though!

  1. Pre-Seed This is the lubricant go-to for people that are determined to conceive. It was created sperm physiologist, Dr. Joanna Ellington since she realized that people who were trying to conceive were using a lubricant that was actually hindering the process. It’s a little on the price-y side in comparison to others but it is highly recommended by doctors and have great reviews.  🙂
  2. Conceive Plus Another great lubricant recommended by doctors and “Formulated to meet a pH and osmolarity range that is compatible with sperm and embryos”.  You can buy direct from them or Amazon.
  3. Slippery Stuff This is a “go-to” lube I usually recommend since it’s easier to find and is reasonably priced in comparison to other “sperm friendly” lubricants.  It’s not like some that have fertility enhancers but it has a formula that allows sperm to swim freely! haha   It feels like “natural” lubricant and is great to use for vaginal dryness as well. (Side note: My customer used this and after a month and some change they were able to get pregnant after trying for 8 months. I’m not sure if it was due to the lubricants help or their new toys that spiced up their love life haha but they used it! They loved it! Her Vag loved it especially since she was extremely sensitive.)
  4. Beyond Fertility Catalog Here’s a site that is all “fertility crazy!” They have products, I didn’t even know existed! haha so check that out.

Hope that helped! and Good luck on you and your wife-y’s baby making adventures! I’d also, love to hear how things turn out 🙂 Please Keep in Touch! <3

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