Lelo Gigi | Sex Toy Review

20150930_203630 copyLelo’s Gigi was officially my first “upgradde” on my sex toy snob scale.  Also, probably one of the smartest things i’ve done for my xxx diy life. haha  You see, I was hesitant about dropping that much money on a product that i’m not even sure I would like.   So, finding out that it had a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality assurance warranty eased my mind that if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be on workmanship or being defected.  It would be left up to my own personal preference. 🙂  I went to a shop and Gigi was talked up so much!  It  sounded like such an amazing toy that I decided to check it out for myself.

20150930_203731 copyIn comparison, to all my firsties I knew that I didn’t want anything too abrasive and  phallic looking.  So, when I saw Gigi’s modern chic look, I knew I wanted it!  It’s small in size with a length of 6.5″ with insertable length of 4.5″.  SUPER friendly and far from INTIMIDATING. haha Not only is the cute design appealing to the eye but it’s made with high quality materials.   The top half of the toy has a curved tip that has a flat top made from a body safe silicone.  (So, break out the water based lubricant so, its compatible with the silicone exterior.)  The bottom portion of the toy is the white part that has it’s control panel.  The control panel lights up when pushed and even has an awesome “air plane” lock mode.  Which helps when you just wanna toss it in your toy drawer and prevents it from turning on.  Only downer is the control panel is a bit finicky.  Pressing the buttons is a bit hard and is probably one of the only complaints about the toy but if you push from the exterior of the button inwards, it’s an easier way to always hit the correct button.  It has a  5 variable vibration modes and you can increase or decrease the intensity of those modes.

20150930_203845 copyThis toy has great versatility since you can increase the intensity of the vibration from low to it’s highest speed. So you can gradually intensify to grab that orgasm you’re trying to achieve.  It also helps that you can use low vibrations internally and more intense speeds for clitoral stimulation.

20150930_204003 copyThe Gigi is categorized as a G-Spot vibrating massage toy and is actually one of my favorite most versatile toys.   So much, that I have 2! I find  it great for self clitoral stimulation, internal g spot stimulation with a partner and perfect for body massages!  The design of the flat head makes for great clitoral stimulation and if you feel like sticking it in, it’s great for gspot play.  But easier if you have a partner, It’s a bit harder to hold the toy juuuust right to massage the Gspot.  Also, I always have to remind girls if they have this toy to wait for your kegel muscles to relax after you have had an orgasm.  Your muscles contract forcing the gspot curve on the toy to hook and make it harder to take out.  eeps. almost painful. lol  Just a little quick tip to save you some grief.

20150930_203802 copyI also have a tendency to get migraines and sinus headaches.  So, using the vibrator with a flat end to relieve tension on my sinuses and back is helps.  The flat head makes for pin pointed massages easier.

One of my top attributes is that it is rechargeable! No more silly batteries.  It can charge for 2 or less hours and can have double that time for play.  Even if you need a quick sesh, you can charge it for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Since Gigi is rechargeable it doesn’t have batteries rattling around and it’s motor is pretty quiet on the noise aspects of normal toys.   So, if you have roommates or hate noisy toys this is a good one for you.

🙂 I finally decided to write this review since they came out with the Gigi 2 recently and found that they upgraded a few features that make it THAT much better.  Pretty much “fixed” the things I wasn’t too fond of.   Either way I love majority of all the Lelo products and recommend this toy for anyone.

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