Lovely Lube-y Luberly Lubed Lubricants | What are Lubricants?

Lubricant also known as Lube, is just another tool to help you sexually whether it is to decrease friction when masturbating, having intercourse, or with age just to keep hydrated to decrease that icky dry feeling.

SO! I’m GONNA SAY IT! Lubrication is not a crutch, which is what majority of the world tends to think.

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Just like any other hygienic product, sometimes the body needs a little help, so you can do as you please to it.  Many of you use a crap load of hair products from shampoos and conditioners to reconstructors and heat protectants. Just so you can curl and do voluminous things to it (Or possibly so you don’t turn out to be a victim like this girl.haha)  Regular ol’ body Lotion is pretty much the cousin of sex lubricants and is quite the necessity in life. RIght?!? We can’t have you running around with ashy legs or dry hands like a unkept child.  So, pretty much, you use lotion to treat your hands so they won’t get damaged and hurt from being so dry.  Why not treat your vagina the same way!

Lubrication… *ahem* lube… is a necessity.  Yes, I know women are amazing and self-lubricating machines. But, sometimes our bodies just don’t sync up with our arousal levels. There are a lot of factors  that make it so sometimes women need a little help with lubricating.  The causes range anywhere from taking certain medications like antihistamines (if it dries out your sinus’s… it’ll dry out  your vagina), antidepressants, birth control pills, stress, being dehydrated and (HELL) even undiagnosed yeast infections.
Not all women are created equal and some need more lubrication than others.  Not all the time our own vaginal fluids are enough, let alone the nice help of our own saliva. *shivers* Cowboy lube is not cute.  There are countless reasons why sometimes you may or may not need more lubrication but it is a nice way to practice safe sex as well. Why would I say it’s a way to practice safe sex? it’s because lubrication seriously decreases chaffing (think rug burn down there) and that can cause discomfort and making you prone to getting infections since you got baby cuts and horrible rubs from all the friction.  These baby cuts and horrible rubs make you vulnerable to various STD’s, STI’s and all that mess.
So, with that in mind… Lube is for functionality and FUN… to even spice it up a little, there are plenty of lubricants out there that can make using lube a little more fun than the functionality side. COOLING, warming, TINGLING, flavored!!!  You name it! Just like your lotion, there are a wide variety so you should try a few to make sure you have something that works for you.
Many people end up doing away with lubricants because they chose one that didn’t work for them.  (Just because your local store has KY and Astroglide doesn’t mean that’s all that is out there!) If you go to many adult shops in-store or online,  many carry trial size lubricants so you buy them and see what works for you.  You may be able to find the right consistency and viscosity you like in lube in comparison from another this way. You may even be able to prevent a horrible catastrophe, if you have a reaction to a lubricant this way as well.  If you think you are sensitive, why not try a test patch?  Apply the lubricant on your inner labia. Wait a minute, wash away the lubricant completely. If you develop any reaction like a burning sensation or visually see irritation then TA-DAH! … abstain from using that on you because obviously that was a no-go. 
Finding the perfect lubricant for you is just like finding the right shampoo. They all do the same thing but only one leaves you silky smooth and makes you fabulous just the way you like it. 😉

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