Anything Limited Edition always catches my eye immediately. BUT… when the names of the products are Cunt Dracula, Rampant Rabbi, Buckingham Phallus and Vagenie, I had to see what was all about!

BuckinghamPhallus_Gold_Front_Back-500x500 Vagenie-RGB-500x500 RampantRabbi_MBlue_Front_Back-500x500 CuntDracula_Silver_Front_Back-500x500

Apparently, not everyone has the same humor as me or as the creator Shed Simove. But I found them to be crafty and hilarious.

It’s not badly priced either. Especially for a limited edition… silicone … and novelty toy. I think it’d be a fun addition to any sex toy collection.

Be sure to check out for all the clever descriptions and to add these gems to your toy collection!

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