The G-Spot!

G-Spot Faqs

What is it? Where is it and How to find it?!?!  THE GRAFENBERG Spot! It’s an erogenous zone!  It’s a little bundle of tissue of the Paraurethral gland.  It’s a spot that allows women to experience a different and very intense type of orgasm and even some are known to “squirt” aka female ejaculation!

G-Spot Faqs
Finding the Gspot isn’t like a scavenger hunt! It just takes a little practice!

It’s approximately 2 inches or half way up on inside wall of the vagina.  Now, if you got help and are doing a “come hither” motion with either the index or middle finger OR BOTH! The G-spot is located towards the belly button.  If you’re doing it by yourself, it’s up and towards your belly button, which you might find difficult without a toy and only using your fingers.  Now, the size of it ranges anywhere from a pea to a quarter-like size.  Now, keep in mind it gets bigger when aroused since it’s made of erectile tissue.  Once aroused, blood rushes into it and becomes engorged with blood which makes the g-spot a bigger playing field and a little easier to find. So, *wink wink* get aroused, many find it easier to find after already having an orgasm. Now, not many people go probing inside vaginas or even into their own to know the texture but the g-spot is a bit different.  It feels a little rougher, and a little more ribbed… HELL! It even has more of a sponge-like feel to it.  So, feel the sides of the wall and then feel for that little difference and you may have found it.  The texture has been known also, as a “sponge-y walnut”.  It’s going to be a bit of trial and error. But EVERY WOMAN is DIFFERENT.

How do you stimulate it? 

Now, that you tried to find it using the “come hither” motion, using light pressure just massage the area.  Sometimes, applying pressure to the exterior pubis area, while massaging pressure into the g-spot helps stimulate it more.  Not all women find this enjoyable at first or at all. Probably because if you have a full bladder you may even feel like you’re going to pee on yourself.  CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE WET YOURSELF.  Emptying your bladder may reduce the feeling of urination but it also helps to relax, relax, And RELAX!!! It may also help to prepare if you are intending to do g-spot stimulation. By preparing, I mean putting a towel down (or better yet, Try Liberator’s Facinator Throe OR Liberator’s Fascinator Faux Fur Throe, It’s a moisture resistant sex blanket).  Also, by preparing yourself and as well your partner that you may even ejaculate, I’m not talking urination!  Many women think that they are urinating since it’s a.) the sensation feels like that might be a possibility   B.)it feels like they are urinating since it is coming from a part that is called the para urethral gland (Pretty much it’s a gland they delivers that colorless secretion into the female urethra right by the opening).  Not everyone is used to the idea of a woman ejaculating.  Some find it arousing and some find it repulsive. Soooo, let’s just hope for the best! So, if you’re feeling like you have to Pee? Just roll with it! relax and enjoy the ride. 😛

Now, if you have a partner stimulating the G-spot it might be easier but there are always tools to help out.  Many dildos can be used to stimulate it but why use those and probe around when there are so many toys out there made specifically to do the trick. There is a wide variety but to get idea, mainly the toys are usually made of a harder dense material and curved to hit it juuuuuuust right.  If you have a male partner, depending on his curvature of his penis and different sex positions that might even hit the g-spot as well.

Trying to find the G-spot after knowing what to kind of look for, It makes things a little bit easier.  But the only way to find it is to explore more.  G’luck on your Gspot adventures!

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