“The Gspot it’s real? I thought it was a myth!?!”

IT’S NOT A MYTH! THIS IS REAL LIFE MAN!  Dr. Ernst Grafenberg is GOD. This is the fella who found it, studied it and pretty much discovered the G-spot.   Of course, it had to become a fad and in the 80s sexologists made it known and thus the G-spot became famous.
G-Spot... is it a myth? PSHH no!
G-Spot… is it a myth? PSHH no!


This “Graffenberg” Spot isn’t some mythical thing that only comes out when it’s a full moon or when magic fairy dust is sprinkled on it.  The only reason it’s just hard to find is because the Gspot is made of  erectile tissue. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It’s just like men’s erectile tissue (aka their PENIS) that it grows when engorged with blood.  So, many people may have gone on their G-spot scavenger hunt when it was lurking in the shadows since it’s easier to find when you are aroused or if you’ve already reached an orgasm.

The orgasm reached from g-spot stimulation is a bit different feeling but it’s worth a try at it! Read this FAQ for more on G-spot Goodness!

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