Anal Sex Kit

High Maintenance Harlot Bich here… So Anal Sex is gonna happen and I hate being unprepared, so I came up with this kit you should gather up. There are 3 Necessities!

  1. Moist towelettes
  2. Tons of Condoms
  3. LUBE!

I have my preferences but i’m always open to hear more. 😀 I know i’m not the only princess out there who feels like there are essentials in life to make things a little more manageable.

First off, traces of fecal matter just might happen.  No biggie! I recommend besides keeping a towel on hand and having dark sheets, grab some moist towelettes!  You always want to feel fresh and fabulous in my opinion so why not be prepared! Plus, if you are a female and there is finger anal play going on, you really don’t want to dip it back and forth.

There are a few brands out there that carry wipes for “love-making” purposes haha

Just a few wipes that are available out there.
Just a few wipes that are available out there.

(From Left to RIght: System Jo’s Extra Clean Wipes, AfterGlow Tissues, Swipes Lovin’ Wipes, Oralove Pleasure Wipes)

You never know when traces of fecal matter may come into play so keep moist towelettes handy, if you do any anal massaging and finger anal play make sure you don’t go dip back and forth.  Same with condoms, make sure you change condoms if you are trying to do

vaginal sex after anal with a female.  Girls have a lot more repercussions like UTIs and Bacterial Vaginosis to deal with, so be courteous to your partner and yourself.  Guys should always use a condom also since it will help with UTI prevention.

As for condoms, as a girl I don’t have many preferences but I’d rather stray away from the “heating”, “tingling”, and “cooling” sensation.  Some people may like it but it screams discomfort for me. Also, all those condoms that have french ticklers or extra ribbing, isn’t really necessary and may cause more friction.

Along with the condoms, last but not least,  LUBE is the most important buddy in your anal adventures.

Lube it up!

(From Left to RIght: Pjur Analyse Me,  Pjur’s Back Door, Wet’s Uranus Silicone Lubricant. Climax Bursts Anal lubricant, Encounter’s Ultimate Anal Lubricant, Wicked’s Jelle)

I get it, you may be one of those raw dawg homies who can hang without lube but why even put yourself at risk for a possible anal fissure? *shrug*  Unlike vaginal sex, anal sex isn’t a self-lubricating adventure. So, Just use some! Same goes for picking a lube like it is for vaginal sex. If you’re using toys (besides glass/metal) Use a water based lube. I put in order from left to right my favorite to recommend for anal lubricants and that seems to stay on longer.  If you are just doing regular anal play or anal play with toys, stick to a silicone lube.  Silicone lubes will stay on longer unlike water based lube where you will eventually will have to add a significant amount of lube. My favorite recommendations are Pjur’s Analyse me! or Back Door. They both contain Jojoba oil, which relaxes the muscles in the anal sphincter  and makes for penetration easier. Another Silicone lube that has received amazing reviews is Wet’s Uranus. I haven’t yet to try it but I have felt the consistency  and it is quite thick and cushion-y hehe.


If you want to go the all-natural-y route :), these are the ones I recommend. They are free from parabens, glycerin and other additives that you may not want if you have a vagina nearby haha. Just keep in mind organic lubricants have a tendency to dry out faster so keep it on deck.analorganics

Here’s a few other anal go-to’s for all the princesses out there…


I don’t usually promote anything that has any type of desensitizing agents since you will never know until later if you sustained any type of damage but Colt has these anal wipes and I heard from a friend that it does the trick for just that little bit of help. 🙂 So, from one referral friend to you there we go~! lol But I’m pretty sure, he’s just a Diva who is afraid of not wiping as well as he should. haha There is also anal lube shooters for those who need more lubrication deeper.  🙂 Some say you it’s hard to get alot of lubricant up there since the syringes are kind of dinky.  But it’s the only ones I’ve really ever seen on the market other than for agricultural uses lol 0_0  Also, for girls who are super prone to getting BV or UTI’s from lube trickling down to no-no spots, Anal lube shooters might be your route to go.  So Like I said, I’m not a fan of desensitizing creams and gels but there are two Sprays that help for more vigorous anal penetration. One is by Intimate Organic’s Anal Relaxing Spray.

Intimate Organics™ Women’s Anal Relaxing Spray’s unique formula contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass. The anal sphincter becomes relaxed and therefore penetration becomes comfortable. Unlike other anal sprays that can numb the sphincter and cause tearing, our herbal spray causes NO anesthetic effects.

The other is Pjur’s Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray.

This unique anal comfort spray counteracts hypersensitivity of the anal area, ensuring carefree fun. Special ingredients, panthenol and aloe vera, increase sphincter elasticity with no lidocaine or benzocaine. Only a few sprays needed per application.

I hope this helped a little. It’s my go-to do you have any feedback? or questions?

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