Yo Bro, You down with Pony Tales?

I’m seriously a seeker of all things cute with all aspects of my life from my comfy cozy pj pants to my sex toys.  So, it wouldn’t come as a big surprise that I’m already a big fan of My Little Pony and duhhhhh Sex toys!   So,  what is making me so bubbly and happy with anticipation?  Tasha’s Pony Tales! oh for the love of parodies and butt plugs! haha

Now, I’m pretty sure all the bronies got major pony chub since the whole entire cast are nothing but hotties… Like seriously!  Even all the starring male roles… Danny Mountain, Xander Corvus, Mr. Pete, Eric Masterson and Derrick Pierce! I plugged the trailer

above and after watching it seems like I would actually stray away from fast forward button.  But, what caught my eye were those damn butt plugs!  Of course I had to look into it.


I’ve seen other Glass butt plugs such as the Bunny Tails from Fashionistas but these bright colors just caught my eye.  


These colorful plugs come in two different styles by the amazing Crystal Delights™.  Crystal Delights™ makes some of the most unique glass toys out there and the quality is pristine.  I introduce glass products to my customers all the time (especially their hello kitty butt plug!).  Since, glass is one of the most hygienic toys you can attain, with it’s non porous qualities, it should be high on your ladder for adding this plug to your collection.

You can use any type of lubricant you want with it since it won’t break down the glass and play with the temperature with cooling and warming things up.
I know anal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do know that if a femme is curious about anal… maybe something with a little bit of flair will help “ease it on in”.  

Valentine’s Day coming up, so what better way into your partner’s pants than to gift your lover with a glass butt plug while watching some tasty pony porn. hehe ♥


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