Recycle Reduce …Reuse!?

I’m a big fan of recycling in all aspects in life.  I also, think that anyone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into doing so deserves a gold medal.  When we all know, it’d be easier to just toss it in the waste and have it head to the landfills. I have had multiple customers ask what they should do with their toys who have died and crossed over into toy heaven. “Well, what do I do with it? Should I wrap it up and just toss it?” I had another customer get concerned and asked if she Continue Reading

Miley Cyrus – Drive

Miley Cyrus – Drive This monday I’m going to dedicate this to my favorite little sexy girl, since I went to go see her last Saturday night. Ohhhh MILEY! I love how ridiculously fun you are.  This song is slow but nice to do a sensual fun floorwork or chair dance to.

Leg Avenue Style# 1925 Garterbelt & Stocking Set | Review

Leg Avenue always is a treat for me when it comes to my pantyhose because I never really buy anything plain from them.  I love being over the top.  But THIS CLASSY piece grabbed my attention!  I found that Leg Avenue’s Style# 1925 which is a Garter Belt and Stocking Set is a necessity and vital piece for every girl’s closet.  Garter Belts are always so hard to find in a set that works with the stockings that are included but this one was on point.  The Garter Belt fit me perfectly around my true waist line since it’s made out of the Continue Reading

Porn, Prostitution, and Censorship, The Politics of Empowerment

So, I’m pretty sure the universe wanted me to check out Porn, Prostitution, and Censorship, The Politics of Empowerment, yesterday since I came across it while reading about it on several different sites LAWeekly, LAist and XBiz.  Then after a facebook friend, suggested that I go, I said “ehhh, sure why not” I honestly was a extremely hesitant about going, because first off… I am not a UCLA student (…For god sake’s I’m a FIDM grad that majored in Fashion Design), I was pretty sure I was going to feel a bit out of my element but I really just wanted to be Continue Reading

Hairy Situations. To Shave or not to Shave!?

First, I’m going to say there is nothing wrong with hair.  But, I guess I like feeling like pedophile’s new treat and I have to be bare down there. haha Whichever type of person you are… if you like to trim and make sure that guy has a landing strip so he knows where to go,  or shave your cooch hairs into cool shapes like Riff Raff’s head or go balls out and shave it all so it’s a soft, smooth land of sex.  Go with what makes you feel sexy.   If you like the hair there, keep it, there Continue Reading

Anal Safety Snails Shirt by Erika Moen

I have just fell in love with this t-shirt! I can’t wait til friday aka pay-day!!!  because this is number 1 on my “TREAT YO SELF” list. This epic shirt is a lovely extension taken from the anal sex comic from the lovely adult web comic, Oh Joy Sex Toy. It’s only a whooping $18 bucks… and… are you ready for it… it freaking glows in the dark. 0_0 haha I’ve lagged on finishing my blog post for my intro to anal sex and I can honestly say, Erika Moen just nailed it. 😀  You really should check out her Continue Reading

Sabi – Wild Heart

Sabi – Wild Heart “Damn! This wild heart of mine!!!! It’s goin’ get me in trouble.” The “passionate” person in me just loves this song.  It’s a great sensual dance song (and even a really great workout song. )  I think everyone has a moment where their heart runs ahead of itself before our brains catch up.  This song makes you feel that moment and want to dance it out and hope that your heart didn’t stray you in the wrong direction… again. haha

^_^ My Valentine Loves!!

Alright, So I know that many people aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day BUT darn it! I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!  It’s  great day to share your love to everyone whether it’s extended towards family or friends and not even in a lustful way. I didn’t have a Valentine, so instead I thought i’d extend my love to my Facebook friends since I didn’t have enough moneyzz to buy all my friends something this year. Also, I think sharing is caring,  and I thought it’d be nice to raffle off a toy!  So, one lucky boy and one lucky girl were Continue Reading

Desire: Play with Me by Blush | Sex Toy Review

  “PLAY WITH ME!” So, I said okay! 😛  and then added my first rabbit to my collection. From the “Play with Me” line made by Blush Novelties, I grabbed the “Desire” rabbit vibrator. I think it was more of my curiosity of trying a rabbit in general, since they never really sparked my interest.  But the Desire was a super lower priced rabbit toy so why not give it a whirl.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! and the Start of Condom Week!

Valentine’s Day is always my favorite <3 with love in the air… and all that romance ‘n stuff. ^_^ Everything tends to end up all hot and heavy. So,  just a reminder ♥ If you are spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone make you sure you wrap it!