Game of Bones

Zero Tolerance came out with this parody last year and it’s been on my to-do list to watch.  I pretty much love watching parodies of television series that I love.  Especially when the title just goes hand in hand. “Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming”.  I loved it but I did get a bit bummed because when I thought of it I thought there would be more “BONING” much less oral. haha I mean don’t get me wrong there was plenty of boning but I guess I was just expecting more primal hair pulling hardcore pounding sex. *shrug* either way. There was Continue Reading

Santigold – You’ll Find a Way (Switch + Sinden Remix)

Santigold – You’ll Find a Way (Switch + Sinden Remix) Beats… Beat … beats… I can’t help but move … but I’m pretty sure a black light with BodyZone‘s neon gear has to be worn.   I think I want a big booty ho to dance to this for me… It needs to happen. … and come to think of it… my birthday is coming up, someone please get me a big booty ho for my birthday that will dance to this song in neon. kthx