Happy Valentine’s Day! and the Start of Condom Week!

Valentine’s Day is always my favorite <3 with love in the air… and all that romance ‘n stuff. ^_^ Everything tends to end up all hot and heavy. So,  just a reminder ♥ If you are spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone make you sure you wrap it!

Wake-Up Vibe, The Alarm Clock Vibrator,

I keep stumbling on this funny little vibe and I can’t tell if I would like it or not.  I mean, Morning sex is always nice so a vibe that wakes you up in the morning most definitely would be nice.  But I don’t know how effective it’d be on staying in place all the way until the morning. It is a silicone toy that is rechargeable that has a lovely timer installed into it.  The various vibrations leave me thinking i’d never get out of bed in the morning if I get this. haha The Wake up Vibe  is a pretty Continue Reading