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blush desire


“PLAY WITH ME!” So, I said okay! ūüėõ ¬†and then added my first rabbit to my collection.

From the “Play with Me” line made by¬†Blush Novelties, I grabbed the “Desire” rabbit vibrator.

I think it was more of my curiosity of trying a rabbit in general, since they never really sparked my interest.  But the Desire was a super lower priced rabbit toy so why not give it a whirl.


  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Circumference: ¬†4.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 9.4 ounces

Desire is made from TPR, which is probably why it was such a decently priced toy. ¬† It is a clear TPR material that isn’t completely hard and still has a “squishy” feeling to it. ¬†Non-phthalate and Latex-free.

The Desire’s shaft is phallic shaped looking¬†and the tip of the toy wpid-wp-1410776406363.jpgwasn’t as abrupt and large, so insertion was easier. ¬†Under the tip/head of the toy, they designed it so that there is slight “bump-like” texture ¬†which kind of weirded me out like it has warts or is some kind of alien penis haha. But I guess I can pretend the toy has some extra skin¬†and is just a really un-cut guy who hasn’t got fully hard yet. haha ¬†Beneath the bumps is the reason why I was so curious about this toy to begin with and that wpid-wp-1410776664783.jpgwas the¬†3 rows of rotating “pleasure” beads. ¬†The beads are on a track, so unlike the old school pearls where they tend to bunch together or stop rotating in general if there is too much pressure they continued to move. ¬†The metal beads are under a thin layer of the TPR material so you can still “feel” it. ¬†But, I honestly didn’t feel¬†much of the bead rotation. ¬†It barely did much for the G-spot or any internal¬†stimulation. It just made for awkward holding since it kept rotating. ¬† After awhile, I just gave up and turned off the rotation and said the hell with it and didn’t use it again haha

wpid-wp-1410776689247.jpgThe rabbit part that gives clitoral stimulation is a nice bullet that has a vibration that gradually increases with the side-wheel on the bottom. The two “ears” to give a fluttering action didn’t vibrate anywhere near the right spot while inserted. ¬†But, the location of the rabbit isn’t as stiff and moves so that accommodates to a person’s body more, just not mine.¬† ¬†The vibration was probably the only thing I did like on the toy.

wpid-wp-1410776738628.jpgThe toy’s battery compartment is on the base of the toy and carries 3 double AA batteries. ¬†It has an on/off switch on top that turns on the power to allow you to use the two wheels below to increase or decrease the vibration and the speed of rotation for the rotating beads. ¬†There is also a button on it to change the direction of the rotation. ¬†If you can really feel that much of a difference. ¬†On the front,¬†is the control panel and it tells you what is what but the problem with that little metal plate is after awhile it gets pretty hot when in use.

Since, it’s made from TPR, the toy isn’t as porous as a cyberskin but it still is porous in comparison to a silicone toy. Use a water based lube and I recommend cleaning it before and after each use. ¬†The Desire has a “life like” phallic texture so cleaning in between the crevices as much as possible is recommended.

If you are lazy to any extent, love to be a little more sanitary or if you want to share your toys, you can use a condom to cover it up.Since it’s a TPR material, it’s best you use a water-based lube with this toy and lots of it so it’s like a slip-n-slide. ¬†The rubber isn’t the smoothest in the land and rubs quite a bit, so lube it up so it doesn’t rub you the wrong way.

It really didn’t do much for me and I tried giving it a chance a couple of times. But, I found the shaft a little too abrasive for myself. ¬†It was like a tease. In order to get to the ¬†vibration of the rabbit I had to endulge in that huge shaft. But then, I still wanted the in-out motion. ¬†AND PEOPLE wonder why I say that rabbits are for greedy bitches. haha We want it all and we can’t have it. ¬†I noticed that the days when I wanted something ¬†“more” but was too lazy to hold a dong and a vibrator, I turned to this one. ¬†It isn’t my #1 but I liked that I tried it out to know what I do and do not love about rabbits.

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