Recycle Reduce …Reuse!?

I’m a big fan of recycling in all aspects in life.  I also, think that anyone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into doing so deserves a gold medal.  When we all know, it’d be easier to just toss it in the waste and have it head to the landfills.

I have had multiple customers ask what they should do with their toys who have died and crossed over into toy heaven. “Well, what do I do with it? Should I wrap it up and just toss it?” I had another customer get concerned and asked if she could just throw her old dong in the recyclables.  It’s plastic, right?! lol but honestly they really don’t have it labeled on what type and how to sort it.

Yes, you could just toss it into the trash bin but like I told them, I don’t think Wall-E would appreciate that.  😉

My old manager mentioned a website that you can actually send them away and have it recycled.  I’ve browsed around if there would be more options out there but, it seems like they are the only legitimate place that you can recycle your old toys.  Which works out perfectly since it’s online!

Meet Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! 

Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! Check out their website on how to recycle your old toys!


Not only do they handle the recycling and they reward you with a $10  credit to their website, to replace the old and in with the new!


🙂 I hope this helped out and Recycle! Wall-E thanks you! <3

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