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Cal Exotic's Butterfly Kiss

SE-0782-14-3So, I grabbed  Cal Exotics “The Original” Butterfly Kiss, after a customer bought this and she wanted to see if we’d have the same experience and asked me to try it out. 😀 Plus, She read 2374839748 reviews on Amazon on it and had her heart set on it.  haha I can understand why she was gung-ho on it since the packaging is really inviting and not as harsh looking for a newbie toy.  I’ve noticed if a girl is looking for a new toy and she wants the best of both worlds… internal and external stimulation, she reaches for this toy.  I love g-spot toys and that bulbous end looked enticing, so I gave it a whirl. 

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The Butterfly kiss comes in 3 different colors:  Pink, Blue and Purple!  So, You have a bit of a selection. The main piece of the toy is made from TPR and the bottom where the battery compartment cap is from ABS.


The top TPR part that you put in internally is bendable and bulbous.  On the shaft of the toy there are cute little hearts and it helped with the grip of the toy especially if you want to do shower play since the Butterfly Kiss is splash-proof! So shower-play is a must with this one, especially since the shower helps with decreasing the sound of how loud it can get. But, be sure to use a water-based lubricant since TPR isn’t compatible with silicone lube..  It’s shape made insertion super easy.  But, I found it a bit hard to stimulate my g-spot with it since it wasn’t as hard as i’m used to like I am  with my Lelo Gigi.  I liked the size of the toy and I think it fit quite nicely.  But, the soft vibrations were on point.



The bullet is located towards the base and sends the vibrations throughout the toy.  This toy uses 2 AAA batteries, which is put into the base battery compartment and has a push button on and off switch.  There is 3 speeds of steady vibration with an increase of the intensity each time.

Since the bullet is located towards the base, it allows for great clitoral stimulation with the “butterfly  antennas” and the butterfly wings hug your lips .  I did almost wish that the internal portion was shaped a bit at a U more towards my G-spot but that’s just me being a bit more greedy. haha



  • This toy is a bit too loud for my taste.
  • The button was a little hard to push when wet.

But I’m glad I tried this one. For the price and what it  has to offer I think it’s pretty rad.

Cal Exotics does offer a silicone version and bunny version of this toy! I do think this toy was fun and I would recommend it as a great gift to give to a friend for their first toy!  or just plain to add to the collection. se-0782-14-3_7

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