Quick guide to Carrying Condoms! | It will be sweeter if you wrap his peter!

condomsCondoms. It’s not really a sexy item on everyone’s list of things to buy.  It doesn’t even sound fun to say. haha COONDOOMM….  but it’s a necessity.  I hate being one of those people that harass people about safe sex but you should really think about it.  I mean, You really don’t want to put yourself at risk for being a walking bag of STDs or putting a bun in an oven if it’s of the baby variety. (unless you’re both planning on a baby… in which that is totally chill!)

Lately, I’ve encountered a bunch of people thinking i’m a nut ball for carrying condoms at all times.  0_0 I’m a little lost.  Apparently, guys are supposed to carry condoms, not the girls.  I didn’t get that memo. haha I mean, both partners are getting down so what if you wanted to have seXorz and he doesn’t have one?  You still want sex right? So carry one to make sure you get what you want! haha I understand that it’s the guy that you’re wrapping his wiener but eventually you’re gonna wrap you body around that same dick.  0_0 haha So it’s both parties responsibilities.

Girls have a tendency to think that it’s “slutty” to carry condoms, but I think that it’s better to just be prepared  and aaaaaaay… What’s sexier than a girl who has a brain and wants to protect her goodies.



My top 3 picks for condoms are Lifestyle’s Skyn.  This is prefect if you are vegan since casein (a milk protein)  isn’t needed to process it since isn’t latex.

 Or if you or your partner have a latex allergy since it’s made out of polyisoprene.  The Skyn line comes in Original, Large and extra lubricated. you take your pick.  Another pick, is Kimono Condoms line of “thin” condoms. They are known for being thinner than most condoms. They are also Vegan friendly.  🙂 Next, is good ol’ Trojan BareSkin.  My last partner loved this one, and is a favorite from a lot of my male friends. It also helps that Bare Skin is the most accessible kind of condom you can find out of my 3 picks, you can buy them at gas stations and convenient stores.

select-flavours-12s apple
Durex Flavored Condoms!

Carry any of these three and you’re set! 😀 You can get nifty with the large varieties of condoms out there but if you just want a condom to just have on lock down, carry one of those or all 3. You never know what your partner might prefer. Who knows you might wanna grab a  flavored Condom if you want that D to taste better!

Just in Case's Confidential Makeup Case with Secret condom drawer.
Just in Case’s Confidential Makeup Case with Secret condom drawer.

So on top of just carrying the condoms, you need to make sure that you are taking care of them.  All that rubbing in a guy’s wallet isn’t a good thing.  So, in comparison to guys, WE GOT LUGGAGE! Our purses are bigger than a guy’s pocket so, we really don’t have any excuses to not carry one. 😉  We even have cute options to carry them.


There is “Just in Case“! Which is probably the most chic condom carrying case out there.  Nobody would recognize it with it’s discreet packaging.  Pair this with Screaming O’s Lipstick Vibe and you’re just ready for fun on the go. haha I think this is going to be next on my list of things to have.

loveboxCurrently, I have Durex’s Love Box! You can’t really see much in the pic but it is silver with a white lace pattern on it. Can you say, Adorbz?!?!?!  They had an entire line of fun printed “love boxes” so you can pick a fun design! They fit a few condoms in there and it’s  pretty durable. I’ve dropped and tossed that thing around in my bag for awhile and I just a few dints in it. haha But, the metal latch that keeps it together has a tendency to be a little evil and breaks off easily. So, keep that in mind. But I love that you can customize it more by slapping stickers on it too!

ONE condoms... their Glow in the dark condom! (The Inner raver in me loves this)
ONE condoms… their Glow in the dark condom! (The Inner raver in me loves this)

Or you can Just buy ONE condoms! They come in a fancy metal box, cool packaging, great product and duuuude they have glow in the dark condoms to f*ck around with. haha Just screams… fun times.

Grab those and just toss them in your purse,  and ease your mind if you ever get into the predicament and need a condom.  It’s relaxing to know you have one in preparation and also, you can enjoy your sex sesh more since  you and your partner won’t have to think much about getting an STD or about pregnancy.  5848-2_display

😛  I usually hand condoms out like candy since I carry them all the time, Why don’t you try it out and be the condom fairy too?! lol

Don’t know how to put on a condom?  Don’t worry here’s Kimono’s instructions hehe

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