“I was changing my battery and the plastic ring on my toy broke, is it still safe to use?”

ACK! SoooooOooo vague. 🙁 and you didn’t leave your e-mail address so I can hit you back up to get in depth with you on this…  BUT!

I’m pretty sure we are talking about your vibrator that uses batteries… right? if so,  I also think we are talking that small plastic ring around the base of your toy where the cap and the actually toy connect.  IF that is what you mean *crosses my fingers* that magical ring is just the little cushion that allows your toy to be “splash-proof” or “waterproof” as many of the toy companies say when they put that on their packaging.  The plastic ring keeps the water from seeping into the battery compartment of your toy.

I take it, your vibrator is still working right? …because YES, it is still safe to use as a vibrator.  BUT, now it’s not okay to use in the shower, so it’s official your toy is now just a regular ol’ vibe minus the waterproof feature.  🙁 Sorry for the bad news. haha If the water gets inside, it might shock ya *insert horror music here* haha aaaaaaaaaaand it will probably create damage to your toy resulting with it forever being in toy heaven.

I hope that helped!

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