The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks To A Sexier You | Review

The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks To A Sexier YouI think every once and awhile every girl has a moment where their self esteem disappears into la la land and feel like their self worth is lower than whale poop. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a moment where you need to push reset and …that’s ok! I had one of those moments a month ago, where I was just lonely and just wished I had a partner to share things with. Yanno, snug sesh? ūüėõ Intimacy is something I crave and a stupid guy told me “why don’t

you have a boyfriend?”. I know he didn’t mean anything bad by it, and it was his stupid way of complimenting me? …possibly insinuating that I should have one since he thought I was cool. WHO knows!?!? But, I had the opposite reaction and it made me think that what I had going on wasn’t “the right thing that a partner is looking for”. I realized that damn… I suck and I better start reading up on Cats… because I’m going to end up being the crazy cat lady… aka forever alone. I think it was a mixture of my physical mojo and my mental mojo taking a crap.

On several occasions, I have ¬†told a few of my customers, “hey, why don’t you read this book and try it out?!” as I tossed “Booty Parlor’s Mojo Makeover” at them. It’s a self-help book that just gives you a pick me up and it looks cute, how could you go wrong? I told them to come back and give me their take on it. review! review! review! well… they suck and never did and since I was being all slumpy, I became the padawan. ¬†Still feeling icky and emotional like a big vagina after a shift at work, I bought it. ¬†“Here goes nothing! MOJO! You’re getting made over!” It took a lot out of me to just think I needed a book to tell me to change or the fact that it would help in general. It was a rocky start since I was being a bit pessimistic. But, at the end of it all… I feel like my mojo just got a detail job and is sparkly fabulous!


20140313_043620 copy

“Booty Parlor’s Mojo Makeover” was nice to read on the side, It actually made me realize that my mojo didn’t need too much makeover time, but with a lot of girls out there this might help. It’s all about self motivation and it really makes you take a step back and realize all your fun attributes. What you think at first is undesirable, turns out to be rare and you are unique like a unicorn! Unicorns are rare and well that makes you indispensable and completely desirable. Some of the simple exercises did help and others *honesty card* …I did roll my eyes a bit since I had the opposite problem of having too many “curves”. But I just skimmed past it and tried to turn it around to work for me. It’s crazy how allowing yourself to think and reassure yourself multiple times really makes a difference. It just depends on your angle. Putting yourself into a routine of loving yourself and appreciating the qualities you possess is fun because it allows you to put yourself on a pedestal and having confidence is sexy. Confidence is key and it really is what attracts me to a potential partner, so I’m sure that has to be the case for others too.

So, if you feel like your body isn’t on point… read this book, it’ll allow you to change your view and think outside of the box on how your “problem” isn’t really a “problem” and instead a force to reckoned with! SO! I’ve always gave the advice, “If you were walking down the street and you were someone else checking yourself out, would you DO YOU?” If you don’t find yourself attractive, how in the world is someone else going to? ¬†Take time out for yourself. ¬†Give yourself that Orgasm you deserve! ¬†Get Dolled up to look your best 24/7!

In the back of the book I think were my favorite parts… it was routines and way to continue to love yourself to keep your mojo cup half full and not half empty. ¬†Fun Book and a great recommendation for girls in relationships to help focus on yourself, a girl who is a bit of a late bloomer and isn’t as vocal with her sexuality and embracing herself, a woman who had kids and needs to realize that she is STILL beautiful and well… just anyone who needs a mini pick me up.

I did get a nice treat and Dana B. Meyers, the lovely author who created this awesome book hit me up on my personal instagram.  ( which made me really happy since it meant that she genuinely wants to be there for me like a real time girlfriend! haha Can you say Girl Power!?!?

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