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I love when I get nervous people who come in and ask for a “pocket rocket” it’s like they are asking for something on a grocery list and usually they don’t even know what it looks like.

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I know I shouldn’t say this but my toy snobby-ness comes into play, and I’m like uh why do you want a pocket rocket style vibe when you can get this! * insert fun shiny cute rechargeable toys here* haha but I have been and always will be a don’t knock it until you try it type of gal. *diva moment*

Water Dancer by Vibratex in it's Packaging
Water Dancer by Vibratex

A lovely rep from Vibratex pretty much tossed a “Water Dancer”  at me and I’m not going to lie it sat in my toy drawer for 2 months.  I never felt that Pocket Rockets were for me but Water Dancer is made from the original “pocket rocket” manufacturers and I’m a fan of their wands.  So I said “wtf is wrong with me, stop being a hater!” Haha …and now I can see what all the hype is about.

This is clitoral stimulation at it’s best!  The Water Dancer are one of those “forced orgasm” toys and when you just need a good fast O.   I mean, I’d rather take my time but I can see the enjoyment when it comes down to it now.  It’s a little too strong at first,  which scared me haha (I’m a sensitive soul… what can I say?) and then going into it more, I did want to be greedy and wished it was a bit stronger but it gives me a steady O one after another in a nice steady interval of a minute or so.

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It’s pretty much straight and to the point. What do I mean? Well, it’s either on or it’s off. No variable speeds, no pulsating patterns. Straight hardcore vibes. It comes with a top clear cap to massage or you can take it off for a different texture. It’s splash proof friendly. So when it’s called a water dancer it wasn’t kidding and well, I’m pretty sure it’ll make you do dance if you take it to the shower.

It’s fairly small being only 4″ without the clear cap and it only takes one double A battery, so you won’t have to worry about the battery dying super fast like the smaller N or button batteries. Which is easy to just take out I a remote if need be. 😉 haha it’s slim and has a few mini ridges for easy grip.

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The only aspect that made me turn into a hater is it’s a bit on the loud side but that’s just because that battery is playing “Operation” and wobbling inside.  Also, I’m a goofball and I have to be a bit careful when replacing the battery since the toy is a bit like an old skool science project where a small metal piece is protruding out, so just be careful not to bend that little guy. 🙂

Water Dancer is made out of a hard ABS plastic so you can pretty much use any type of lube your little heart desires AND! paired with a nice silicone lube you can make shower time fun amazing!

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If you aren’t a fan of the hardness… Vibratex also carries a few sleeves that you can just pop on top of the vibe and makes having one toy just as fun with a few variations. The sleeves also allows for toy cleaning time to be a bit easier.  But it’s always fun to upgrade a simple toy with  few mods. Here’s the lineup of their accessories you might want to pick up.

From left to right: Pixie Sleeve, Rabbit Sleeve and the Daisy Sleeve! all are usually only a couple bucks (my store sells them for 6.99) and it you can put this on a pocket rocket or any bullet you might already own.

The pixie sleeve is the weirdest looking one and I think it works better on a bullet but if you need more pin pointed clitoral action this is the one for you. It has a little cup on top that has a little pyramid that does a little sucky clit action.

The rabbit sleeve is prefect for light fluttering action and is the best part of a regular “rabbit” toy minus the giant dong or phallic looking object attached to it.

The daisy sleeve was my number one and it made for pressure massaging nicer. At first glance I thought the spikes were going to be hard and possibly jab at my clit.  Not the case, since the “spikes are squishy and just moved around and flowed as you massage.


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There is the Original pocket rocket by Doc Johnson, and their many cousins from them  and the thousands of knock offs but they all are pretty much visually are in the same ball park just with a few material and quality differences. But like I have said in the beginning, I am a toy snob and I loved the color where it is a clear blue exterior. The one I got was different from the original plain white, So receiving something different is always a treat, there aren’t many fun royal blue toys out there. 🙂

I do think this type of toy needs to be a staple in any girls toy collection especially since the price is right for a nice quick orgasm. 😉 Thanks Vibratex for changing my mind on this silly simple toy!


If you want to check out the Water Dancer you can grab one at:Good Vibrations - Creating a Buzz since 1977Good Vibrations has the Water Dancer Vibrator for only $32.


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  1. My wife has had these for years and they seem to last a long time. She has two now in case something should happen to one of them. Plenty of kick on these. She purr’s like a kitten when she works this on the spot.

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