Hipster Vegan.

I have nothing against Vegans, I think they are fabulous.  I’m just not a fan of the hipster fake vegans.  Ya know,  the kind where they are just doing it because it’s the “in” thing.

I met a girl who would lactate a little, a side effect of her new birth control.  It happens, no biggie! Circle of life.  But, her new Vegan squeeze got freaked a bit and immediately asked “Is that Vegan friendly?”.  Maybe, I’d be a little taken aback and offended if I were her but that sure would’ve been a mood killer.  How sexy could you feel after that? haha I tried making her feel a bit better about the situation she encountered and she really didn’t need to continue that adventure with him,  even if he might have been amazing in bed. haha  I mean, if he was a real Vegan he should know that a female lactating is perfectly normal.  Vegans are against testing on and consuming animal products.  haha


So, since i’m a cheeky little thing, I asked her, “what kind of condom did you use?”

She replied, “I dunno just a regular one, I think it was a Trojan or the kind from planned parenthood.”

TA-DAH! A light bulb lit up in my brain and the first thing I could blabber out was “he was Faux vegan hipster man!”  I love proving people wrong or making guys feel like crud when they deserve it haha (:P  maybe I do have a fetish or two? dominance much? )

Not many people know this but Latex condoms use  a milk derivative product called Casein to make the thing soooooo technically unless you get a specific kind, certain condoms are not vegan friendly. 😛 UHHHHHUH and he was over here worried about a little bit of breast milk.  What a butthead. I made my new lactating friend feel better that he was a “fake vegan”. haha Not all vegans even know this.  So, you just 1-up’d in that knowledge department.

If you feel like grabbing some vegan friendly condoms, I thought I’d show you a couple off the top of my head that might work for you if you’re vegan or if you just plain have a latex allergy in general.

SkynI’m gonna start off by mentioning Skyn since here in America and majority of the drugstores, convenient stores and adult shops they carry them.

This line from Lifestyles has a variety of selections from the type of lubrication to sizes.

glydeNext, Would be Glyde! It’s a big hit with a lot of vegans.  It’s also registered with the Vegan Society, so that makes it a bit more legit since they are against the testing of the product used on animals as well.


🙂 I hope you gals  realize that out of all the stories I hear, they are all pretty repetitious and you should never feel bad and that you’re not normal because you’re body did something a bit “different”.   <3  … oh and guys… lighten up and educate your tushes.

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