Swipes Lovin Wipes Unscented | Review

I’SwipesLovinWipesm a big fan of wipes from cleaning wipes to facial wipes… to of course!… After-Sex care wipes!  Why are wipes a good idea?

  • Hit it and quit it times where you need a quick clean up so you don’t radiate SEX.
  • For Marathons of sexercise.
  • To wipe down your toys in between your wash down sessions.
  • Prevention of possible uti’s and trips to the gyno!
  • To Wipe that jizzum off.
  • To be just plain clean and not a nasty freak.

eco friendly earthI was really intrigued by Swipes Lovin Wipes since they really pushed the fact that it is Eco-friendly and gentler on the environment.   Swipes is committed to reducing their carbon footprint through their products which makes me super happy.  A lot of the times,  I just use products and fail to realize the consequences later on, if its recycleable or if it’ll just end up in a landfill (or worse).

The texture of the wipe is a bit more rougher than other wipes I’ve tried but I’m pretty sure it’s because the “weave” of the wipe is made to break apart after flushing it so it’s “like toilet paper, reducing the chance for blockage at home and in waste management systems.”  When I was wiping down my toys, it wasn’t “Brawny” strong and I had to use two as one to prevent the breakage.   But, Their unique material made clean up easier to wipe down and absorb for the male folk.

The ingredients were really body friendly and I didn’t have any reactions to it.  The only thing that bothered me was the smell.  It was supposed to be “unscented” but it did in fact have a smell that just didn’t mesh well with my olfaction.  I’m super sensitive to smell and I know nothing really can be truly unscented, so I’m not really hating.   I just really wish I would have tried their Cucumber Scented Wipes first, since I love cucumber scented everything. haha But,  I’ll update on that later if I get my hands on it.   The ingredients were water based, so it did dry out a little fast but I loved that it wasn’t harsh at all.  I’m not running to buy a new pack of Swipes BUT I’m not canceling them out as an option if their cucumber scented  wipes smells better!

swipes logo


Swipes Lovin Wipes® towelettes are designed for the intentions of cleaning up before or after intimate moments with the softest eco-friendly and all natural ingredients.

  • Gentler on the enviroment
  • Made with 98% renewable resources
  • Free of alcohol, chlorine & dyes (just right for sensitive places)
  • Dispersable material breaks apart when flushed
  • 100% fibers derived from sustainable resources



★ The ingredients were body-friendly. My body didn’t have any issues with it. Which is why I loved it so much.

★ The flush-ability factor was great!  (it’s safe for sewer and septic tanks. ^_^ which would have been nice to have while I was living in Oregon having septic-friendly items are a mission and a half.) 

 The “Unscented” Smell turned me off a bit and is pretty much the only reason I’m not running out to buy a new pack.

☆ The wipe would break apart a bit and I would have to double up.

☆ Dried out too fast since the resealing top wouldn’t reseal after the water touched it. But i’m pretty sure that’s my fault.




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