Guide to Cleaning your Sex Toys!

Along with using a toy, you have to make sure you clean it properly! I mean, HELLO, with all these toys being put in places and orifices and juices flying left and right… I would think you would want to keep it clean. ūüėõ

Seriously though, by cleaning your sex toys this helps avoid bacterial ¬†and yeast infections along with annoying irritation. ¬†Even the slightest bit of residue may cause irritation and that will delay your fun for a later time (and we wouldn’t want that).
  • Cleaning your toy also helps avoid transmission of STIs. ‚ÄúWhile some STIs die once the fluid they live in dries, others (such as hepatitis and scabies) can live for weeks or months outside of the body. ‚ÄĚ (0_0) ¬†(I suggest if you do decide to share toys, use glass, silicone or hard acrylic. minimal porous factor = less icky germs hiding)
  • Store your sex toys in a dry, cool place. Heat and direct sunlight may cause damage to your toy!
  • Just by cleaning your toy, it can also elongate the life span of your toy! You did spend some money on the toy, how about make it stick around longer.
  • Keep in mind, some hard plastic toys have a soft touch coating and if you aren’t careful that soft texture will disappear if you clean it with harsh cleaning products.
Depending on the material of your toy, there are different methods to go around cleaning the toy. ¬†But, usually a nice toy cleaner will do the trick. Here’s a rundown on ways to keep it clean or if you want to get real in depth, kiddos!
There are two ways to go: ¬†Just the regular ol’ Anti-bacterial soap route and Sex Toy cleaners.
First, If you have any type of batteries in there, take them out!
  • Anti-bacterial soap! ¬†A fragrance-free HAND anti-bacterial soap is what I’m talking about. Nothing too harsh So STOP! and put that dishwashing soap, laundry soap, purell, alcohol¬†etc etc… away! (…yes, I’ve heard them all lol)¬† Now, The main active ingredient usually is ¬†triclosan or triclocarbon, these require at least 2minutes on the surface to really kill the bacteria. So, rinse off the toy and get any visible debris and cover the toy with soap. ¬†Leave for a few minutes and then give it a little rub down. ¬†Rinse the toy thoroughly and¬†make sure it’s suds free! ¬†Leaving soap residue sometimes causes irritation and that’s just plain not fun!
  • cleaners
    Sex Toy Cleaner
    ! Read the directions thoroughly.  Some sex toy cleaners only require you to spritz it and wipe down with a damp cloth.  Others like the foaming cleaners are just like cleaning with an anti-bacterial soap like the directions above.

After, you are done washing it, wipe it dry completely with a soft cloth that is preferably lint-free. Or you can dry it off as much as you can and leave it to air-dry.  But be sure that is completely dry before storing it, it helps to decrease the chances of mold and bacteria growth.

It’s recommended to clean your toy BEFORE and AFTER each time you use your toy. ¬†But, let’s get real… who really wants to go clean a toy right after cumming? ¬†So, for all those lazy bums who will get around to rinsing them down later, a quick fix is to get wipes.


 Find out what type of material your toy is! It really helps determine if you can really deep clean it or not!
If you have a squishy Rubber, Plastic, ¬†Elastomer or Jelly¬†toy, these are made from materials that are¬†porous which¬†¬†makes dirt, germ-ies, and bacteria hide! ¬†So, if you can put a condom on it and it’ll minimize the cleaning factor too!
If you have a Silicone,¬†Glass or Stainless Steel¬†toy¬†there are a few ways to deep clean your toy! ¬†These are my #1 favorite toys to recommend for the hypochondriacs and germaphobes. ¬†These toys are non-porous and make bacteria hate life since they do not have any place to hide. ¬†So, besides doing the regular ol’ wash down mentioned above…
If your toy¬†isn’t¬†battery operated or have any type of electronic/rechargeable system
  • ¬†they can be sterilized by boiling it for¬†8-10 minutes, ¬†It helps to wrap the toy in a hand towel or in a veggie steamer basket so it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan.
  • You can run it through the dishwasher without any soap to sterilize it with steam!
  • OR you can soak your toys 15-30 minutes with the solutions below and rinse.
    • 10% bleach and water solution
    • 10% alcohol ¬†and water solution


Realistic Material (Cyberskin, UR3, Soft Touch, Futurotic, and Neoskin) toys,¬†These are those materials that really do feel like¬†human¬†skin, all soft like a baby’s bottom. ūüėõ ¬†These toys are usually the realistic dongs ¬†or ¬†love dolls and male masturbation sleeves.
9772_2After you clean your toy, you’ll automatically get a “WTF” moment if you’ve never experienced these type of toys. ¬†They get gummi feeling and sticky feeling similar to those cool sticky hands we used to have as kids. ¬† Many people don’t ask questions and toss the toy lol ¬†BUT don’t fret!¬†To get the refreshed look and feeling that makes the cyberskin feel soft again, dust UR3 powder or corn starch on the toy (especially before storing it). ¬†I found that getting a large ziplock bag and throwing the toy in the bag and shaking it with a little bit of UR3 Powder or corn starch on the bottom, makes the job easier. Think… *shake and bake*.
¬†I’ve found that for masturbation sleeves, especially the closed ended kind are harder to clean. ¬†Try to clean it immediately or it helps to let it soak in a warm bowl or sink with a little dab of toy cleaner. It helps break down and loosen up deposits inside the male masturbators to rinse out¬†easier. ¬†You can clean these with a sex toy cleaner or with warm water and antibacterial soap. ¬†But focus more on just the rinsing with water. ¬†They don’t require TONS of soap since this material breaks down faster. ¬† Allow a sufficient amount of time for the toy to dry. ¬†Depending on your climate, you may want to pat it down a lot before air drying. ¬†I’ve had a few guys tell me their toy got mold since they didn’t dry it thoroughly. ¬†Keep in mind they were in a colder climate as well, but you are sticking your junk into it sooooooo, I think holding the mold might be better. ūüėČ
I know tons of people who don’t use a specific cleaner made for Sex toys, ¬†since it’s pretty much the same thing. ¬† But I’ve noticed that my ‘lil high maintenance vajay is a bit more sensitive and regular hand soap for ¬†some reason irritates me when I use the toy after I’ve washed it. ¬†I can hose it down with a air pressure washer and I still have the same results so I’ve just stuck with¬†my good ol’ Foaming toy cleaner by Jo.

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