Pure Instinct by Jelique Classic Erotica | Review

Pure Instinct Sex Attractant CologneI’m always up for random beauty products that apparently turns us into unicorns that fart fresh smelling roses.  haha so any time there is a smelly lotion or perfume, I just have to take a sniff.  Dowse myself with it,  so that when I walk around everyone will want to take a whiff of it as well. lol  Or possibly attract a potential partner. When in reality our own personal smell are what really help attract ourselves towards others.
So, why not get a little help from pheromone products like Pure Instinct ,a sex attractant cologne.  This sex attractant is like a megaphone for our bodies’ natural pheromones where it amplifies our scent, so that it may attract someone to you.

Hahaha #picsmyfriendssendme

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419qLZyORUL._AC_UL320_SR310,320_Pure Instinct is an oil product that comes in a variety of forms. One is in a  oil dropper bottle, another is in oil form inside a roll-on bottle and the last one is in a solid perfume tin.  I love recommending the oil dropper since you can dabble that on you, your can mix it while you put on your lotion or put a few drops in a bath to relax.  One small dab on your key points like behind your ear, your neck, wrists or wherever, a little goes a long way.

71NTSsdtIbL._SX522_ (1)As much as I can try and describe this perfume/cologne, I’ve never been able to get people to understand how unique it is was, until they are able to smell it in person.  I usually have to have 3 people around so, they can be able to smell more than 1 person other than yourself.  This perfume/cologne changes with each person as well as the day.  One day I would smell fruity and the next I smelled like a tub of vicks (probably since I used to smoke menthol cigarettes haha).  But, it was always a trip to see the person’s face when they realize that it’s not a perfume with a distinctive smell it’s just plain ol’ me. haha

51QZ31CBCuL._SX355_I personally think that this perfume does grab another person’s attention.  I’m not really sure if it;s a sex attractant per se. Seeing how… haha I’m still single, so maybe this sex attractant isn’t working but it makes me feel good and that’s all that matters.

It’s Unisex, so, Try it out! You might like it! I found it online for as low as $9.99 and high as $24.99.  It’s subtle and doesn’t affect too many people’s allergies or give them a headache from being so pungent. 🙂

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