Vape me one time~!

I’m guilty of catching the Vape bug, like many of my friends.  It’s probably because they have sooo many different mods, atomizers and various attachments that probably shoot lazers out of your lungs. BUT THIS CAUGHT MY EYE.


It’s “the world’s first vibrator attachment” for a Vape!  It’s made for the XXX vape exp vaporizer battery.  This new fabulous toy makes me happy because I’m am ALL for rechargeable toys but I love giving gals OPTIONS too!


This makes the recharging time while it’s attached to the wall, a tad more discreet.  This allows you only 1 cord to keep track of instead of having 374832974 cords and having to remember which one goes to what! haha

They were smart and made it have a few bells and whistles that I approve of 😛

    • Available in Pink, Purple and Black
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Easy to Clean
    • Ready to Use with EXP Battery (Sold Separately)
    • 10 sec activation cycles (press and hold then release and hold for continued operation)

This is completely on my wish list now, so I can see how amaze balls this really is.  I completely hyped myself up for this.

Check out the XXXvapor website for their other products and this fabulous new gadget.

****edit: Update… sorry, they are no longer in business. 🙁

XXX vibe Vaporizer
XXX vibe Vaporizer


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