Dr. Pink’s CoCo Lube | Review


When I grabbed Dr. Pink’s CoCo Lube, the first thing I did was look on the back of the cute white little tub.

I don’t know what I was expecting out of something that straight up tells you it is “Coco Lube”.  Maybe I was expecting glitter fairy dust or radioactive lava that melts you into an orgasm.  But, SURPRISE! Ingredients:  100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Not complaining too much since I’ve never tried any type of oil anywhere near my goodie bits but I have used Coconut oil for cooking, a skin moisturizer and my hair! Why not add sexual lubricant to the list.

Since, it’s all natural, it is edible but it doesn’t have a taste really.  It has a faint smell but not overbearing.  Coconut oil has shorter molecules so it absorbs into the walls of the vagina with ease, so you can use it internally.

When I got mine, it wasn’t stored in a cool dry environment and keep in mind I live in Southern California where the temperatures have been way above the recommended 75 degrees and below. The Coco lube started to leak a bit and after awhile the label started to peel. So, remember to store it safely. 😛

The Coco Lube is labeled as a “balm” just like any regular coconut oil it starts off as a solid in a cool state.  Once it hits your skin it warms up the solid and melts gently onto the skin.  CocoLube becomes a nice slip and slide of a lube since it’s oil that glides on the skin.  It isn’t safe to use with toys unless it’s hard glass and acrylic toys.  It also isn’t safe to use with latex condoms, so finding a different type of birth control and STD/STI prevention would have to be arranged.

96070-organic-virgin-coconut-oilIt has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties so if you are prone to get bacterial/yeast/urinary tract infections it helps to prevent all that.

So, pretty much if you are “all-natural” this would be your go-to.

Pros:  Anti-fungal, Anti-yeast, Anti-bacterial properties. It’s all natural.  Keeps skin hydrated and the oil-y slick feel decreases friction.

Cons: Can’t use it with half of my toys because oil breaks down jelly and silicone toys. Can’t use it to have safe-sex because I can’t use it with condoms.

REAL TALK. It’s extra virgin coconut oil in a cute white tub. haha But, it is easier to get some people to hop on the natural train with the rest of the hippies. ;P

But, since I’m kinda in a dry spell, self-love with solid non-porous toys and Cocolube is great! haha go grab it guys!

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