“I am prone to yeast infections. Which lubricant would you recommend?”

I am prone to yeast infections. Which lubricant would you recommend? I’m having a hard time finding a glycerin-free water based lube.

ack! that’s the worst lady boner killer and kills your fun for later. Thank gaaaaawd we live nowadays in a time where we actually have a lot more options! There is actually a ton of lubricants out there that are glycerin-free~! AND! A lot of them are using it as a selling point and have been actually slapping them on the label too to make it easier for you!  Just stray away from ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol and parabens. It will make your vag-life a lot more pleasant.

I recommend buying specifically from an adult shop or buying online.  I’ve noticed that buying from regular convenient stores, grocery stores and drug stores isn’t the place to go. It’s like glycerin city and they don’t have as much of a selection.  BUT! I was a bit shocked walking into CVS recently though, because they had the best selection in their sexual well-being section. Condoms, lubricant and a few clitoral vibes! So, I’m just going to throw MY recommendations at you and you can go on the hunt for them.

I recommend trying a few out there and see which one you’d prefer. It’s always a trial and error. Which makes my recommendations a bit annoying.  I know that many people just wants a straight forward answer but I’m sorry!  Everyone is different, whether it’s their body reactions or their preferences.  I’m super picky and maybe you are too, so here is my top five!

  1. Waterslide bottle by Earthly Body!
    Waterslide bottle by Earthly Body!

    My ultimate favorite is Waterslide by Earthly Body! It’s the only one I haven’t had any issues down there.  It stays on longer than most I’ve tried that feel “natural-like”. Straight from their website:

    “Water-based non-toxic, non-staining, odorless, and vegan. Waterslide features natural carrageenan extract (from red algae seaweed), no silicones, petroleums, parabens, sticky glycerins or preservatives. It is formulated with women in mind.”

    Their packaging and logo is pretty cheesey looking (sorry earthly body! lol) But the product is great.  It feels as if it just hydrated my skin and put lotion on afterwards not like the usual where it’s sticky madness.

  2. Pink Water lubricant
    Pink Water lubricant

    Pink WaterI’ve noticed I’ve been able to find this in person a lot easier. It feels like your own “natural” lubricant and has a aloe vera! Which makes the skin soft and naturally heal if there is any micro abrasions and decrease any irritation.

    It even has some extra goodness aka their “fortified special botanicals” aka Ginseng and Guarana to heighten sensation and increase blood flow.

  3. Hydra by Intimate OrganicsHydra by Intimate Organics if you like a more thicker but smooth and mainly gel-like lubricant this one is for you! It’s one of the few that I love to recommend for the Vegan and “natural” folks.

HYDRA  is a premium, paraben-free, glycerin-free, water based formula  blended  with natural plant cellulose. Enhances the sense of pleasure, giving silky  smoothness to all intimate experiences.  No smell or taste.   Safe to ingest.

  • JOAgape4ozJo for Women Agape  If you like a more “silicone” like feel but is still a water based lube this is the one! First time, I ever came in contact with this lubricant it psyched me out and I honestly thought it was a silicone. 🙂 This line of lubricants also comes in a warming and cooling kind so you can spice things up a little too!
  • pjurwomenbodyglide…and Last but not least, Pjur Women BodyGlide! If you don’t mind silicone based lubricant, I recommend this one. Some may not like the price-tag, the fact that it stays on forever lol unless you have soap and water handy, or that it feels like you have a slip n slide in your pants BUT It is free of preservatives, glycerin and has minimal ingredients.  If you get a higher grade silicone, you are peachy keen. But you can always opt for their Nude lubricant which is a water-based and you can use it with toys too 😀


Hope that helped! I recommend always washing up and taking a tinkle after sex or masturbating.  <3

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