HELP! I need to Prevent B.V.

B.V.  to some… this abbreviation may not mean anything BUT to others… it’s like the plague. So, I feel ya!

B.V. is short for Bacterial Vaginosis. Which sounds extremely bad and sounds like your vagina is death.  Don’t fret.  When in actuality its an infection that majority of the women on this planet will get once in their lives, almost at the same level as yeast infections.  BV is a mild infection where the good bacteria in the vagina is being overpowered by the bad bacteria.  There is usually a good balance between good and evil but sometimes the bad overruns and causes problems for the vagina owner.  In many cases, since our Vagina is like a ecosystem, it usually clears up on it’s own after a few days.  But sometimes, that’s not the case and a visit to a doctor to receive antibiotics might need to happen in order to clear it up.

Bacterial Vaginosis doesn’t really have EXTREME symptoms and majority of the people who have BV are asymptomatic.  But, the main symptoms are excessive vaginal discharge that vary in color from  grayish white to yellow.  Some people who suffer from bacterial vaginosis sometimes have a slight burning when you pee or itching outside the vagina.  But, The main symptom that leads girls to find out that there is an issue is an usually an unpleasant “fishy” odor, which gets worse after you’ve had sex.

When a girl, has any type of stench it’s extremely embarrassing so this creates stress on all social aspects.  Now, keep in mind a female’s vagina is so temperamental that there isn’t a TRUE cause for BV, so don’t think the main reason for having BV is due to sex. There are a few ways to try and prevent it.

  1. Don’t douche~!  YES! you may be flushing out all the bad bacteria and feeling “clean” which seems logical but you also flush out the good bacteria. Douching makes your vagina a clean slate battle field and a home court advantage to the bad bacteria.
  2. Limit yourself on Sexual Partners. The more partners… the higher the chance of messing up your vagina “eco-system” and getting BV.  Also, with a higher chance of BV you will be more at risk for various sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. CALM da fudge down. Stress is a big trigger and maintain a healthy diet!
  4. I’m all about preventing any situation if it’s possible.  If you take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, why not take pills to prevent BV! (Keep in mind, some birth control has a tendency to dry you up and disturb your eco-system).  These are just supplements since our diets aren’t always up to par.  Just add it on top of your regular birth control pills or vitamins you take daily and it will help prevent. 🙂 Pills are my go to.  Keep in mind you could always buy regular ol’  L’Acidophilus or Lactobacillus probiotic pills from a natural food store or pharmacy.   Those things have “lactic acid-producing bacteria that balances out bacteria levels in the vagina”.   OR! you can just buy probiotic pills made specifically for women’s health.  I’ve tried these pills, and found them helpful.


KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ALL PREVENTATIVE.  This is more before things get to the point of where you need to visit a doctor. 🙂

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