Magic Wand gave the wrong kind of Sparks

MW_ProductInfo2This past week, porn performer Missy Martinez was doing a scene and apparently was using a Magic Wand with a fellow porn performer when the Magic Wand malfunctioned.

Missy Martinez told TMZ, the Magic Wand’s “handle immediately heated up… sparks flew out of the base where the cord connects to the device.” She wrote the “personal massager’s” manufacturer, to figure out what happened.  I can understand her rage, since it’s related to her career.  She only had minor burns but no valuable parts were harmed, which is a relief.

I’m more curious, which Magic Wand they used.  The article did say it was a Hitachi Magic wand so that means it was an older model that has had some issues with before.  If it’s an older model, the malfunction makes sense.  But, Hitachi isn’t really associated with the name Magic Wand anymore and Vibratex took over that torch. Vibratex gave the old model a face lift, fixed a few of the quirks and dubbed it just the “Magic Wand Original”.   Vibratex  changed the box where it’s not all 1980s throwback looking and now it’s sleek looking.

I hope to know more about what happened. But,  if you do have a magic wand, just remember these few tips from their website. 

For safety, never handle the Magic Wand massager by the cord, and never immerse it in water, or use it in the bath or shower.  Also, do not operate it for more than 25 minutes, without switching it off to cool down for 30 minutes before switching it back on. Please see the user’s manual for complete instructions and safety warnings.

The Magic Wand massager comes with a 1-year quality warranty. For complete technical specifications click here.

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