Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightening Cream | Review

BA-PP10Pink Privates is a great Intimate Area Lightening Cream.  It can be used anywhere you feel that you want to lighten things up a bit. Pink Privates is a cream that can be used on your underarms, outer skin of anus and vagina, penis, nipples and scrotum area.   It’s a safer way to lighten skin since it does it progressively over time.

So, if you have patience, try out Pink Privates.  It has Arbutin which prevents melanin from producing and keeps the skin lighter.  You have to apply it twice a day, preferably after you exfoliate the skin.  I saw results after a week but I’m a bit of a spaz and I forget to put it on at times.  Which made things a bit difficult because I couldn’t see the results immediately.  It tells the skin to reproduce new bright and shiny skin but without the darker tones.   It doesn’t have a super pungent smell but it does have a distinctive smell.  Two pumps usually will cover a small area of skin and it’s an easy addition to a skin regime for some.

It’s a pretty penny if you feel that your skin needs it. It run anywhere from $25-50.  But you have to continue using to keep the results once it’s achieved.

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