Smartballs Metallic Kegel Exerciser by Fun Factory | Sex Toy Review

61rbDFbrSUL._SL1500_I’ve been meaning to write a review on Fun Factory’s Smartballs Original Kegel Exercisers in Metallic Magenta and Rose.  But it’s just been a slippery slope with this toy/ exerciser.

I wanted these more for the female wellness factor as a kegel exerciser but I feel like using it more for pleasure would be best.  The Smartballs are a modern version from the traditional kegel balls and had a few features that made me more favorable to them.  They have inner balls that move around to help me contract my muscles and a string attached which makes retrieving the balls out easier.

They have a patented manufacturing method to make Smartballs the most quietest balls in the world.  But, I wiggled and I sometimes could hear it. haha I almost got paranoid to wear it out in public because of it.  Just so you can get a feeling of it,  I put a video below so you can hear the sound of it when it moves.  You rarely hear it when it’s inside. Sometimes, just a few knocks here and there when you move too quickly.

Depending on the day, I liked them.  Bipolar kegels, much? haha  Sometimes, I felt like the balls were just right (after a bit of struggle getting it in) and thought, GEE~! this is a great product.  Since, it was a larger ball I didn’t feel like it was going to fall out or anything.  Not that I thought it really would since my vagina isn’t a  huge crater. haha

But, other days  I felt like they were TOO big.  Getting past that second hump and TRYING to push in the second ball was too intense, almost painful… AND STRATEGIC. Trying to push it in with a flimsy string and a nub end made pushing it in (while still have a little lube to insert it) quite difficult. 😛 There were moments where I questioned my need for even working out my kegel muscles to begin with.  (Keep in mind they did fix their new version of smart balls where it has an indention for your finger to push the balls in. GENIUS, guys.)  But, I constantly felt like they were too big.  Maybe just for me.  I’ve had a few other friends who’ve used and it and thought it was the perfect size.

Length: 4 1/4″
Insertable length: 4 1/4″
Diameter: 1 3/8″
Circumference: 4 1/2″

It’s made with TPE elastomer that is Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous, and Phthalates free.   It is a bit textured and the magenta parts are indented in the light pink portion.  It also has a retrieval band for easy removal.

Since this toy is inserted into your body, make sure you clean it before and after each use with a soap and water or toy cleaner.  Also, store it in a moderate temperature environment to make the toy’s life last longer.

Honestly, I felt like it was a chore trying to insert it JUUUST to use it.  Which probably is the reason why it sits in my drawer more than being used.  I really liked the material and it was easy to clean.

When relaxed, I was able to insert it with a little ease a couple time but more often than not, it was a struggle.  Once it was inside, I felt like it was sometimes a bit too much for me.  (One of my friends said it made her nauseous. ) But, the feeling of knowing it is not coming out if I were in public was nice.

MI705-Purple-lgThe main reason I decided to review this one which is now an old version of the Smart balls is because Trinity Vibes created a knock off of these kegel balls.  They named it the “Luv balls” and they are pretty much the same thing. So, just pretend this is a review for those as well. haha

I love Fun factory and their products usually so, I might try their newer balls with the improved string and finger indention for insertion. That might do the trick for me to fall in love with their Smartballs line. But, when I do, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

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