T.N.T. Touch ‘n Tingle Arousal Gel | Review

If a warming and a cooling arousal gel had a loving affair in Clitoral land to bring all the blood flow down there, it’d have love child called the T.N.T. female arousal gel.

20140830_211514 copyTNT’s consistency is similar to a regular ol’ water-based lube and glides on.    But, it does get a  little tacky towards the end.  Not the tacky feel like it’s sticky, more so like the “I feel like there was a gel on me and now it’s not wet”.

Touch ‘N Tingle starts off with a warming effect, which brings more blood flow to the clitoral area and then it turns into a cooling tingling feel.  It made for more “arousal” and when lubrication was added it made more of a tingling feel.  TNT is a water-based and unlike some of the best clitoral gels out there, this one actually tasted good.  TNT is mint flavored almost tasted like toothpaste or “Listerine strip” type taste as well.NOA02 T.N.T Arousal gel for FEMALE-L3

Probably, one of my favorite clitoral gels that I’ve tried in awhile.  It wasn’t too extreme in the cooling, tingling, humming and warming department. Just the right amount of each. 🙂

My only gripe is that it comes in pouches. WHY?!?! I only use half of the pouch and then it dries out. I would rather just get a small bottle.

But, yes! try it out.  love it.




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