Tantus Tsunami | Sex Toy Review

61y7U5FaKmL._SL1143_Tantus has always been on my radar since I first found out about their products.   …with their modern shape toys… the texture on their realistic dongs *Ohhhh adam <3*… and their quality makes me want to collect them all.  *swooooon*   I’ve been asked a couple of times lately, if I love to recommend Tantus so much why haven’t I reviewed any of their toys, and honestly I don’t know! haha *I* know that they are amazing but sometimes I forget to boast about them.  So, I thought why not review the first tantus vibrating dong, I bought a couple years ago.

When the time came to upgrade and I decided to buy my first tantus toy, I thought I’d go big AND go home with the Tsunami.  In person, this vibrating dong is MIGHTY INTIMIDATING because if you just took a peek at the online pictures it looked A LOT smaller.  But, the shape had me intrigued and even though the size was a bit overwhelming at first, I went for it anyways.  The dimensions doesn’t seem that intense but take out your ruler and stare at that for a bit haha  Diameter: 1.5″  Length: 6.75″  Their packaging was a bit wonky, and broke on me before I got home but I wasn’t being gentle. 😛 Plus,  I rather have them spend money on the quality of the toy than the packaging with silly plastic.

TT-003919_325245As with all of Tantus‘ products, and one of the main reasons I wanted

this toy  was the Tsunami is “Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone“.  This silicone blend allows me to feel at ease because it’s super hygienic with usage and it’s easy to clean.   If you’re a bit on the meticulous side (like me) when it comes to cleaning your toys, silicone is great for regular wear and tear with a toy cleaner (I use Jo’s foaming toy cleaner).  But, if you share toys or want to deep clean you can boil it and it’s dishwasher safe.

This type of silicone is the kind where the gloss finish leaves things a little on the lint-y side but that’s nothing a lint-free rag can’t handle. Or a wipe can’t take away. It’s glossy texture allows it to be a great insertable toy,  when it’s all lubed up.  So, this toy tied in with my favorite water-based lube, Waterslide is an awesome combo.  Great for that in and out motion and has little to no friction at all.

TT-003919_325247Cool part about the dong, it gives you the option if you want to have the vibration or not.  The tsunami has a hole on the bottom base where you can insert the single speed bullet (that uses a simple N battery) inside it, if you would like it to become a vibrating dong.  *ta-dahh! OR! If you don’t want vibration, you don’t even need to have it inserted. The toy still keeps its shape and don’t collapse like some dongs do when the vibe is taken out.   It is firm yet still slightly flexible.  I think that this combo as a plus, since when I don’t want to use the dong, I got myself a nice simple silver bullet for clitoral stimulation. The silver bullet only has one single speed but the type of vibration isn’t the numbing kind and you don’t get the feeling where it’s neccessary to increase the speed.

The toy is quite shapely, where it has a friendly tip for insertion and gets more adventurous with the curves towards the base, where it does become laaaaaarger.  The curve worked really well with my body for g-spot stimulation and the ridges gave some pleasurable feeling.  But the ridges are a bit too much for me sometimes.  But that’s only when I try to insert the whole darn thing.  I think I haven’t been warmed up enough times to take the whole thing but the base and length is great to hold on to.  The base is compatible to work with harnesses, if you so desire.

Overall, it’s one of my favorites in my drawer.  It’s not a regular basis toy, it’s just one of those once in a blue moon type of toys.  The thrusting moments when I want a full feeling g-spot orgasm.  But, be warned that the size may not work for you.

The Tsunami comes in three colors:  Purple Haze, Midnight Purple, and Strawberry in case you want to match your toys.

tsunami The Tsunami is just one of their great products. I recommend you check Tantus out for their various styles and great quality products. Maybe you’ll see something that’ll suit ya!


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