Adventures in Squirtland

So, why are we going to talk about Adventures in Squirtland?  Well, I was talking to a girl and she was literally mortified to have sex because she was afraid of her squirting ability.  She probably thought she was alone, and even after I told her “it’s no biggie, I do too” I think she didn’t believe me.  So,  S—–  Here is my post to you 😉 I’m not a liar. I know we were short on time, so I’ll write it here.  You wanted a reason why I think it’s okay to be adventurous with your partner when it comes to SQUIRTING!!!

The Last Dragon : Bruce Leeroy GLOWingBecause it’s empowering.  It’s a different feeling and different type of orgasm.  It makes you literally feel like you have “The Last Dragon’s Glow”, all the stress in the world disappears, and you just have a moment of pure bliss.   Think of it this way, when you have an “female ejaculation” orgasm, it’s like your bodies way of high five-ing YOU for cuming!!!… and your partner for being a G and hitting that spot just right. haha

Ya know that feeling of accomplishment when a guy cums with you? like “F*CK YAH!” *pins gold star on his shirt*  Mission orgasm: Completed!… well, guys never really know when a girl truly has a orgasm anymore.  Probably since a lot of girls are still reserved and some fake it.  But, just like me, I can’t fake it… why fake it? get yours! and they will probably think it’s hot.  Think of it as their “Mission: Orgasm Compeleted!” Your boyfriend and like most men, are visual! So, when you start turning into a human fountain, they know they are doing something right.

Please be comfortable and happy with your body.  RELAX and enjoy the ride!   … and prepare in advance haha and give them the feeling of being a Rockstar in bedroom! Keep in mind,  I never really was a big fan of it, probably because it kinda happens more to me than I’d like haha.  Mainly, because I never know how a partner is going to react and partially because not many girl’s do it or admit they do it.

But my Squirt Land adventures started up recently because I said F-it, and starting being comfortable with my body.  It’s easier when you aren’t worried about that your partner is going to think you’re a freak,  and you don’t have to hold back on your orgasm because of a measly squirt or two.  But, it’s great when you feel like the end result is about you, and finally pleasing your partner second.  …AND helps if your partner is all about that squirting life.

THIS IS ME TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT IT’S OKAY.  embrace it and once you do, it’ll open your eyes to amazing things.

Just remember preparation is key, so grab some towels or a waterproof blanket and rock his world!

<3  (p.s. S—–, email me if you see this and I hope you guys had an amazing anniversary.)




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