Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

Q: When I was having anal sex with my partner, I was curious about whether it was okay if he finished inside. When I searched it online, websites all said it was okay as long as it was just with one partner. I would like better, more credible information on this. Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

A:  Yeaaah! It’s fine darling, keep it cumming!

I think you just inspired me to become best friends with a string of doctors. Lately, finding “real” credible information or any type of sources online has been super tough.  I honestly didn’t find anything online when I had the same question two years ago and once again right now, when I tried to search online so I can find you a link. 🙁 Sorry.

BUT, two years ago, I went to Planned Parenthood where I talked with a Nurse Practitioner and a later my personal doctor who both told me that having semen in your anal canal is completely fine.  That was only after having a few concernsMainly, they wanted to be sure that both my partner and I were completely monogamous and that I wasn’t allergic to cum (some people are). 

Have you and your partner been tested and have a clean bill of health? If so, then you are good to go! 😛 The only health risk for having cum in your bum on the receiving end is if it is STD ridden cum.  Semen is a fluid that makes transmission of STDs extremely easy. So, get tested.  Stay monogamous. The reason they want you to have only one partner is because your risk of STDs riseUse lube to reduce risks of tiny anal fissures and infections. (If you feel like there is anything going awry in the future, please visit a proctologist.) For your partner’s sake, Use a condom to reduce the risk of your partner getting a urinary tract/ bacterial infection if he has a tear on his penis.

Either way, I used to joke around with my friends and say “we want our colon cleansed tonight!” aka Anal Sex is on the agenda. Haha  Some say having semen is a nice way of letting it all come out, like a cum enema.  My friend once told me she preferred if he came in her butt, “less cleanup for later, I hate having creampie vag”.   So, darling! You’re fine! Go! Get your colon cleansed tonight!

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