emo-ticons… EMO-jis… FLIRTMOJIS!!

Heart Hands - FlirtmojiWhy be emo when you can FLIRT instead! haha ­čśŤ ┬áI’ve always been a big fan of emoticons from back in the AOL chat room days… A/S/L??!!?? ­čśŤ ┬áSometimes, there isn’t any other way to show emotions or make your statement cute without adding one.


Everyone can get creative with the “regular” emojis that are out there… and I can say without a doubt my coworkers are the EPITOME of that. ┬álol Group texts turn into vulgar pieces of art. ┬áSo, introducing this *GEM* might be dangerous haha but I can’t wait

FLIRTMOJI is a nifty place where you can save and send all the images via text that you want to say without having to say it. ┬áIt ┬áhas such a wide variety of fun that I don’t think I will have enough moments to copy pasta them to all my friends. ┬áCock Rocket - Flirtmoji

On top of the fun freebies that they keep adding to the list, and you can also purchase a few more sets that might cater to you! The list is pretty enticing like teen dream, toyland, fetish 101, hotel suite, party time and BDSMS.   I got my eye on the Toyland and for only 99cents why not?

anyways, hope this made your day and Here ya go, now download it and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Turkey - Flirtmoji

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