Go-Go Rabbit Massager by NS Novelties

NSN-0206-11_go-go_rabbit-white_box_lowNS Novelties has got me hooked once again with their most recent endeavor, the Go-Go Rabbit Massager.  This clit commander is just OOZING with cute factor.   Once again, NS Novelties is sticking with the rabbit theme similar to their Muse.  But, I think they upgraded, (from what I can see) the few kinks that I was a bit bothered about the Go-Go’s cousin, The Muse.

The Go-Go Rabbit Massager just recently came out, so I haven’t got my hands on it just yet but the release day was just a smidgen ago. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see it in person soon.  For now, I just get to look around their site and see all the specs and the info they feel like sharing.

The Go-Go Rabbit apparently has two motors with eight patterns of vibration.  “Each ear is firm yet flexible to deliver unlimited combinations of pleasure. Made of body-safe silicone rechargeable and completely waterproof. “

It’s a measly 1.5″ x 5″ which makes it nice and compact.  I’m hoping that the new shape of the ears will be a little more easier to use to contour to the clit and maybe for my friend’s sake the led eyes aren’t as “creepy” like the Muse. ( haha I personally think it’s cute and don’t mind it.  How can you not love it’s eyebrows bouncing around with you!) The GoGo Rabbit seems  to look like the entire body is made of silicone for a nice soft finish! No hard materials anywhere, which is a plus.  It’s claiming to be waterproof but I’m wondering if it is more splashproof and they have the “needle” charging adapter that you have to stick in.

Too many questions. Too much excitement.  Thanks a lot NS Novelties 😛 the anticipation is driving me crazy. haha


****edit: Sad News They Discontinued this item. 🙁

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