The Little Spermaid: A DreamZone Parody

ūüėõ Few inspirations popped up today for a lovely, “Porn Parody Persuasion” post! ¬†A lady told me my hair color reminded her¬†of¬†a mermaid,¬†my last post mentioned “Eric Prince” and I had a rocking¬†mermaid tail hair day. (mainly it was my hair lol)


The Little Spermaid, starring Riley Reid as Areola, Summer Brielle as Curse-Ola, Brooklyn Chase, and Courtney Taylor. Supporting male cast includes Ryan Driller as Eric Prince, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce, and Evan Stone as King Two Ton.

Standing at a crossroads in his life, Eric Prince is beginning to have second thoughts about his upcoming marriage. While reflecting on his predicament at the beach, he nearly drowns, but is saved by Areola, a beautiful mermaid. While Eric’s friends refuse to believe his tall tale, his desire only grows. Soon enough, Curse-Ola and King Two Ton come looking looking for Areola, and no one can doubt the truth to Eric’s story, or his love for The Little Spermaid.

I watched this DreamZone parody of my favorite childhood classic, a couple months back when it was first released. aaaaand let me tell you… It was freaking hilarious!!!!

My favorite moment?¬†Where out of nowhere Areola and Eric Prince get to the bedroom¬†and¬†have a moment. ¬†The moment when out¬†of¬†nowhere she didn’t have a mermaid tail anymore. haha …and Areola said …mutliple times …¬†“OMG I haaave legs!!” lol

If you are one of those people who really want a full on storyline with your porn parodies, this one was kinda hard to follow. ¬†The Little Spermaid has a few things that make it like the little mermaid but a few things were kind of confusing. ¬†Like, WHYYYY was there a baywatch red bathing suit babe… haha yanno random characters that were just there to fuck haha ¬†So, if you’re down with a more gonzo type of deal with fun similar characters, this is for you! ¬†I really need to stop watching parodies with expectations haha but I was just expecting more facial cum shots and a little more storyline fun. ¬†Like, the Curse-Ola¬†chick should have¬†been a Milf and then transformed into a teen to steal Eric Prince away from Areola and made her watch… and then BAM! threesome, cum swappage¬†and Areola takes lead. … but now i’m just rambling.¬†To sum it all up, this parody just reminded me of random cosplayers getting busy. ūüėõ

Haaaaa… just watch it. it’s entertaining.




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