fyi: Sex Store employees don’t judge you

Working in an adult store, nothing really shocks you.

I get asked the same questions OVER and OVer again, “I bet you see some really interesting/creepy/weird people in here?” or “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while working?” or anything of that nature. ((FYI… don’t go into an adult store and ask this… it gets reeeeally old haha))  It’s like people, automatically assume, we get all the creepers in the world that come in and people only buy the weirdest shit.

Then, I think. .. and not one single moment or person pops up in my head of “crazy” or “weird”.   I’ve turned to my coworkers for help when asked these things before and we have a hard time coming up with stuff.  Sometimes, it’s almost as if the “shock value” switch is broken in us.   haha I’m PRETTY DAMN SURE I see some crazy stuff but I never notice because it’s seems normal to me. haha

For awhile, I really began to worry about myself, if I was batsh*t crazy.  of course moments like that passes with quickness.  ;P  I work in an environment that is a bit different, but it’s the same idea… give customer service… educate them on product… sell them shit.  The only difference is the product I sell and my work atmosphere is just waaaaaaaaaay better! 😛

This morning, I read this mini article on this UK kid who only saw all female cashiers and instead of paying his measly £4.50 sex toy, he stole it!

It made me sad!!! Now, i’m wondering how many times a guy has wanted to buy something and hasn’t bought it with me since I’m a chick.  🙁  I know for a fact, my coworkers and I are far from judgemental.

So,  this is to all the sex store patrons out there…

We don’t judge you, don’t be embarrassed about anything you want to buy.  If you don’t know what to buy, or how to use it, Just ask! Our job is to help you, and tell ya about the stuff!  so…

  • If you buy a butt plug… No, we don’t think you’re gay.
  • If you want to buy anal lube… we don’t care what gender you’re putting it in. (we’re just glad you’re using lube instead of spit!)
  • If you’re buying a cockring… No, we don’t think you got limp dick and hell, why don’t you grab a herbal enhancement pill while you’re at it!
  • If you are buying kegel balls… No, we don’t think your puss puss is loose.   Instead we commend you, for thinking about your sexual health!
  • If you buy a huge dong…  we aren’t judging about the size… we don’t think you’re a slut! haha and if you can take in anything bigger than my fist, I think you deserve a gold star! haha

Those are just a few things, off the top of my head but I literally can pick up anything in my store and I can tell you, NO i’m not judging you if you decide to buy it.

SO!  Get over your fears and realize, sex store employees are human too, we are a little less judgemental than most ^_^ and we don’t mind talking to you about the products to help ya out in the bedroom. <3

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