“I just started dating a girl, What should I get her for Valentine’s Day?”

I’m honestly one of the few people that you should NOT ask advice for this.  So, full disclosure, I haven’t had a Valentine in over 5 years, so, I of all people don’t know what is “proper” to give.  BUT! I am a girl and if I diiiiiid have a Valentine, these are my suggestions on what you should give her. 😛

Since, you didn’t really mention how long or what your status is with this girl, I’m going to give you a few options!

If you just met her and you haven’t gone past first base (and you actually like her), I think getting her something that fits her interests would be nice.  As much as I love sex toys, if you genuinely like the girl and eventually want to get in her pants, start slow.  Show that you care, show that you like her personality and that you think she’s beautiful on the inside and out.  Then, sex and sex toys will follow eventually.  So, if she’s a girly girl, think of something nice like a gift certificate to pamper herself! Mani pedi time!  Get her cupcakes instead of chocolates! and if you go the “stuffed animal or balloon” route… shizzz be original! Get something different!  …not the stuff that the Jo schmoe on the side of the freeway entrance is selling.  I’ve only been given flowers four times in my life, but I think that even if it’s cliche, you can’t go wrong with flowers and I dig it. *shrug*

Now, keep in mind, I’m not the normal girl and I think the Bundle of Wuv from ThinkGeek is EPIC!! …and I’d hump a guy’s leg if he got me any of that or possibly their Unicorn Bouquet. *shrug* but that’s just me 😀 *hint hint maybe if she’s a nerd hint*

Now, if you already did the deed or messed around… do any of the above. obviously? haha BUT! I’m pretty sure you want my help for the bedroom. right? haha … 😛 I hope so because I CAN help you in that dept.

If you want to get romantical, you can go the sensual route and give your partner a great massage.  You can get all cuddly, snuggly and more “connected”.  There are plenty of massage oils out there, below are just my favorites.  They all do something a tad different 🙂

Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil is my top pick for massage oils, it’s straight and to the point. It’s an almond oil smell so it’s not too pungent and I personally, think it’s calming. Great for the skin too~!


Oil of Love Sugared Berry

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love is always a plus but now that it comes in “Sugared Berry” that tastes like cotton candy, I’m all about it! This one is a bit more fun since if you lightly blow on the skin after some lickable play, it heats up!


JO Massage Glide Cranberry

JO Massage Glide Cranberry is great for the lazy folk! why? well, this massage glide is made of silicone so if you wanna massage and not have to grab for the lube after the massage you can get straight into play. This is just aromatic not tasty… but all the scents it comes in are pleasant.

Earthly Body's Cherry Flavoredl Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil

Earthly Body’s Cherry Flavored Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil~!This massage oil is one of my favorites since it just glides on the skin with ease. It’s all natural with hemp, almond, grape seed, and vitamin E oils. It’s kissable and it smells like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. *drools*

3-In-1 For Play Suntouched Candle With Hemp

Earthly Body’s FOR PLAY, 3-In-1 Candle, smells like lust in a can. This candle is great for ambiance and if you burn it down it turns into a oil which can be used as a massage oil. Don’t trip, potato chip, it won’t burn you. 😛 pro-tip: get a candle warmer to speed up the oil pouring process.

Or maybe you just want to spice it up with some edible lube fun… *lick lick*

Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel Water-Based Lubricant

Wicked’s Aqua Salted Caramel is for the basic bitches! lol jk jk it’s a great lube and it tastes like Starbuck’s caramel macchiatos… *love love* it’s one of the few edible lubes out there that I enjoyed that isn’t fruity.  It’s not as thick but it does dry up a bit fast.

Swiss Navy - Strawberry Kiwi

My ULTIMATE FAVORITE lube for the taste factor is Swiss Navy’s Strawberry Kiwi Lube. I found this lube great for oral sex leading into a pound town session afterwards. The yum factor is good for the fruity folk out there but it is a bit thick, which turns off a few people out there.

Doc Johnson’s whole line of Candiland Stuff just make me die of CUTENESS.  They have their Candiland Sensuals Glide in Watermelon Rock Candy, it’s my favorite.  Their fairly new lube is a nice addition for a Valentine’s day night and it’s cute so she won’t get weirded out. Tastes great.

Wet Flavored Watermelon Gel Lubricant

Wet’s watermelon lube tastes like Jolly Ranchers! HOW CAN YOU SAY NO!?!? lol The consistency is super slick in comparison to most lubes too!

Jo H20 Flavored Lubricant - Red LicoriceJo’s h2O Red Licorice flavored lube legitimately tastes and smells like Red licorice. So, if you wanna get in a red vine sexy time mood.. get down with this.

If you wanna get into a little toy play, I suggest you swoop something that isn’t too “out there”.  Unless you’ve already talked about what you’re into, then you probably already know what route to go with.  I always think that when you’re starting to date someone you’re still exploring each others bodies, so getting into toys doesn’t need to happen just yet.  So, by getting something little, it won’t be as distracting.

I always think a little bullet, finger vibe or cock ring is nice.  There are plenty of toys, that won’t break the bank and is a nice way to ease into a dating thing.  Since, you’re probably not even sure if this is gonna last since it’s so new.

Screaming O's FingO Tips
Fun for a little extra small and discreet play. This small vibe fits perfectly strapped on the tip of your finger. It’s disposable. AND! Since it’s small it’s easier for pinpointed clitoral pleasure. Comes in Purple, Pink and Blue.

Screaming O has a few simple vibing buddies out there, that you can snag from most adult shops.  There are decently priced disposable vibes like the Fingo Tips.  This vibe just fits on the tip on the pad of your finger and you can just rub that on her clit.  (Psst… you didn’t really mention if you’re a boy or girl haha).  So, this will work for any partner combo.  If you want to spend more money, grab the Hello Touch~! It’s really “Tron” looking and its great for internal G-spot massaging.

If you’re a bit adventurous, why not try a Cock Ring! Right now, my favorite is the, ColorPop Big O!

Screaming O's colorPop BigO Vibrating Cock Ring
This is a fun colorful version of Screaming O’s Original BigO cock ring. It’s great to try for new users and it benefits both partners. You can change out the batteries and it’s a bullet is slightly larger than the disposable for my ground room to massage your partner. Comes in Green and PinK!

I just thought this one is a nice introduction for couples to bring toys in the mix.  Works for both partners.  The BigO Colorpop has 3 speeds of vibration for variety.  It’s material is super stretchy, so it’s easy to flop on.  Plus,  Cock rings are super useful for both partners, if you haven’t tried one yet.  For guys, it helps keep blood flow in the penis to sustain a harder erection and decreases premature ejaculation.  All while, vibrating on the girl’s clit to help her cum harder and faster along with ya!

Or just be a nice fella, and grab her a nice bullet like the Power Bullet Breeze! It’s simple and strong!… and possibly when she wants her own solo sessions, she can get off!

These were just a few suggestions, you could always go big and do something else of course.

Or if you just want some quick fun time since you may have just swiped right only weeks prior to Valentine’s Day.   You could always just get a nice tube of Blowpaste. VdaySale3Flavors for only $19.99 It’s a lube/oral gel to make playtime fun.  It even has small traces of baking soda  in it, so if you had a marathon sex session and forget to brush your teeth, it’s not so bad.  They have a bunch of pro’s including being gluten free, vegan friendly and they are subtle in taste! Right now, they are even having a Valentine’s Day sale-  You can get all three of their flavors for $19.99!

I hope that helped with the “subtle” sex side… I’m also, a foodie, so I think you should  throw some food in the mix …. brunch? lunch? dinner, picnic,  I don’t know … drive-thru dollar menu.. haha wtv and you got this down!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!   😛 xx

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