To orgasm or not to orgasm! Is that even a question?

So, i’ve been encountering this situation more and more… and it hurts my soul.

Girls who aren’t sure if they have had or have EVER had an orgasm.

All I want to do is become the Orgasm fairy! Just sprinkle some sunshine dust on the girl and Bam! Orgasm! Haha. I know it’s not that simple. But,  I sure do wish I could make that happen.

First, I have to say if you haven’t yet, please don’t think you’re a freak because you are far from it. 

I had one gal pal who was married for 35 years and never had an orgasm until she turned 64 and was in her second marriage.  All I can say is “woohoo! Better late than never right?!?”.

I do have to say is there are different types of orgasms and the degrees of how intense they can be.  The only way to get more familiar is to PRACTICE!  test the waters by yourself!  You’re the only person who can really understand and fully grasp the feelings you are experiencing inside.

Figure out your turn ons!  Whether it is reading smut, watching some cheesey porn, looking at nudies,  or just plain figuring out your own personal fantasy to play over and over in your head with your eyes closed shut.

Fill your surroundings with an ambience that makes you feel comfortable and feel sexy. Lights off? Scented candles lit or maybe some amazing incense? Planted on a cozy pillow top bed? in your Sunday’s best comfy PJ’s?  Whatever works for you.

Now start slow,  do what you feel that works for you. Tease yourself, imagine your fantasy person is the one stimulating you. Focus on your fabulous CLITORIS!  It’s primary goal in life is for you to orgasm so let’s put it to work! There is only a small percentage of gals who have an orgasm from sticking something in her so why not have an orgasm from what you know is going to work.

Let go! Be relaxed and just feel your body release.

bookI would love to give you in depth tutorial on how to orgasm, and I know I was vague but there are so many aspects that you need to take into consideration. So! I really recommend you check out the book,”I Love Female Orgasm” by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller. it’s super in depth and it can help both partners explore and achieve  female orgasms.  This book is a great guide and reference book that you can try and follow.

Xx and happy orgasms!

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