Bag of Dicks – sent anonymously

gummy_penis_300_largeI’m not sure if i’m just an emotional ball of madness but lately, everyone and everything has been driving me nutzo.  I feel like it’s mostly just that time.  But, some of my customers have just been testing my patience lately.   It’s like I want to tell them that they are being a big giant bag of dicks but I can’t.  Or sometimes that one friend who consistently needs that nudge of “hey bro, you’re being a dick”…. Well, have done it.  “an anonymous package will be sent to your target containing 2 things; A 5oz bag of delicious gummy candy penises, and a note exclaiming ‘EAT A BAG OF DICKS’. Nothing More. Nothing Less.”

I’m so glad someone finally came up with this, to show the dicks what’s up.

I haven’t had any friends that deserve this but I will keep it in mind just in case.  *i’ve got my eye on you*

Check out: to send your anonymous bag of dicks out.

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