Forplay’s new fetish collection is out!

It’s a sign.  After watching that Nicki Minaj’s Only music video AND with Forplay‘s new collection that is fetish inspired, I just want to play dress up.

At first glance, I was on the fence with Forplay’s new collection. Partially, since everyone and their mom’s are coming out with more “fetish” looking clothing to feed the Fifty shades cravings.  But, I found some of their pieces looked like they were trying too hard but other stuff was on point.  I hope to see it in person soon! This line gots me curious in all kinds of ways.

I picked out 5 of my favorites below. ^_^  Check out forplay’s website for their whole Fetish lingerie line.

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I just went to Vegas this last weekend, and even though this isn’t club gear, this is the type of stuff I’d wear to go out clubbing.  Maybe I’m a ho, but damn I wanna order some of the pieces just to go to Vegas.  (the skirts and more clothed items… of course haha #ratchetgear)

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