I rarely have time to go out or even date due to my job. My hand is getting boring, do you have any suggestions ?

That’s the case for majority of people. ūüôā Lately, Our work schedules make dating literally impossible to even schedule or pencil someone in our¬†busy lives… OR let alone masturbate. ¬†haha

Instead of giving up on your hand since it’s losing it’s flare, there are a few Male masturbator toys you could try out. I know when I get bored, I just upgrade and buy a new toy. ūüôā

Keep in mind these are just a few Toys directed towards men off the top of my head. It’s kinda hard to figure out what to suggest when I haven’t got¬†you around to¬†ask you more questions… AAAAAND ¬†well I’m not a male so I’m not sure how well half of these products are in action. But, here goes nothing… ¬†ūüėÄ

1. Fliphole by Tenga

tengafliphole01One of my favorite “investment” toys for guys is the Fliphole by Tenga.¬†The Fliphole comes in Black, Silver, Red and White. ¬†Each color is a new texture on the inside. ¬†tengafliphole04


I’ve noticed that guys tend to like the black version better out of the four, possibly because the interior has a bit more texture going on. I find the Fliphole is a nice neutral toy to give to a guy, especially if you’re not sure what their sexual preference. ¬†The opening isn’t geared towards looking like straight up genitals like those masturbators that are have vaginas or a big butt tengafliphole05holes. ¬†It simply has a hole.

The¬†lubing up process is easy like spreading ketchup on a hot dog bun. ¬†Cleaning is¬†easy pea-sy as well, since you can visually see everything. ¬†The piece that holds it together also works as a stand while it’s drying.¬†tengafliphole02

The design of the Fliphole is chic while being functional. ¬†By far my favorite feature is this toy is similar to those “cup” masturbators and sleeves in one. ¬†The sides of the toy are squishy, which allows you to squeeze your dick, gives pressure while giving¬†a sucking like action. But! it is still held together with the solid hard sides. ¬†You can always look up reviews on this one. It’s top notch.

2. Fleshlight

Posterwpurehorizontal_editAnother “investment” masturbator that you can never go wrong with is anything from Fleshlight. ¬†Just like a person’s porn preference, everyone is into different kinks and attractions¬†and well, Fleshlight has such a large selection, they got the OG masturbation toys on lock down. ¬†You can snag a toy that is a replica of some of the best porn performers out there or just a plain looking toy.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know what a Fleshlight is, they pretty much are one of the biggest sellers in sex toys for males. They¬†look like an old 41g+S8cV6AL1920’s flashlight, where you screw off the the top and they have a lifelike material that is a replica of an ass, lips, vagaina or an ass hole… and well… in goes the penis. ¬†They have a wide variety of ¬†inserts for different types of stimulation inside from their smooth original to the Stamina Training Unit. Which I love recommending for guys who are trying to help with their “sprinting” to the end while having sex.

61SGCcLWKyL._SL1360_The Stamina Training Units,¬†have¬†a crazy cool looking insert. ¬†I’ve had a few guinea pig customers use this one in comparison to a few other Fleshlight toys and this was by far their favorite. ¬†Apparently, fleshlight says that it is one of their most intense toys. ¬† ¬†Another favorite of mine is their 51f-IyJrFxL._SL1000_Flight. ¬†It’s a more “travel friendly” model but, I’ve sold it more to college boys who are in dorms and need a more discreet looking masturbator. ¬†It’s interior is ¬†pretty intense looking. ¬†The only downer is guys who are more well-endowed have a harder time using it. ¬†I honestly can’t express how cool fleshlights are. ¬†Just like how a simple vibrator is a staple in a girl’s nightstand, I think every guy at one point should get a fleshlight. ūüôā

3. Vulcan

vulcanFunzone’s line of Vulcan toys are like the next level down of mastubators and reasonable priced. ¬†They are similar to the two above except it’s smaller. ¬†It is a cup masturbator with various options like being wet, or vibrating. ¬†I haven’t had much feedback on these but I’ve been asked about these a couple of times. ¬†If you try it, let me know!

4. The Super Sucker 2.0

DJ0684-20-2Some guys want vibration (Fleshlight has the Vibro, and Vulcan has vibrating toys as well) but this one is a reasonable priced toy for around 30. The Super Sucker 2.0¬†is a decent toy from Doc Johnson. ¬†If I was a guy I’d get it. lol It’s made with a¬†life like UR3 material. ¬†But, for those guys that like a more of a squeezing action this stroker might be your jam. ¬†It has a closed end for that sucky action. Cleanup might be a bitch with a closed end but who cares about that right? lol ¬†If it feels good, I don’t think you’d mind.

5. Vivid RAW

vividrawCal Exotics has the Vivid RAW masturbators and these have been flying off the shelves at my work. ¬†This masturbators are life like looking and aren’t too shabby. ¬†They are under $30 and easy to hold onto unlike some of the sleeves in this price range.

OH! almost forgot, you can also try “single use” masturbators. ¬†They say single use but you can get a few rounds out of them. Tenga has their eggs and Funzone ¬†has their Juicy Mini Masturbators.

If you want to stick to your hands, You can always go with some new lube.¬† Since you’re a dude, you can use¬†an oil-based lubricant. ¬†They stay on longer and great for male masturbation. ¬† (Just don’t put it ce32127195a63979e9591456863156e1-1 edfc5e45e53cfda7ee50da0ee00b2599-1near a vagina, mmkay?!?) ¬†There are two out there that I have a few friends that love and adore. ¬†Gun Oil’s Stroke 29 and Boy Butter. Apparently, it’s slick and you barely need much to “make it work”. ¬†Another great product that I love and adore is Uberlube. ¬† It’s a silicone that works with chicks and self pleasure.

Also, try switching up your porn watching variety.  Sometimes, our fantasies just need a little tweaking for some new excitement.

aaaaaand, “Don’t forget the balls!” So, many times that line is told for girls, but guys forget about this when it comes to themselves. ¬†Right, when you are about to have an orgasm, just fondle and “pull” them downward. ¬†Or play with the inbetween land of your penis and balls. ūüôā ¬†You could always get down with your prostate, if you’re down I can show you more.

Hope this helped, I’m way more familiar with chick products but i’m always down to help with what I do know. ūüėÄ Email me back with your address, and I’ll send over some samples of Gun Oil products that you might like. <3

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