The Semenette, a Realistic Ejaculating Sex Toy

The Semenette just caught my eye recently and thought I’d share since I’d really like this crowdfunding project to succeed.

The Semenette is basically the toy that I get asked for on a regular basis.  It is a realistic, phallic looking Dong with the ability to reenact an ejaculating penis aka A Squirting dildo! yay! haha  The Creator, Stephanie Berman was brilliant! She literally took all the qualities that a person wanted in a squirting toy and put it all in one.

There aren’t that many squirting toys out there that  I pay much attention much to.  Mainly, since they have more of a novelty feel to them.  Not only am I talking about the appearance of them, like how some  have crazy muscle men looking veins and what not. But, the quality and actually functionality in it isn’t as up to par.  I don’t want to get into a comparing game, but since their concept makes sense.

The Semenette is made from silicone, soooo no worries on having those materials made from WHO KNOWS WHAT.  Which really helps with the hygienic factor.  The way they created the squirting bulb looks better than accordion pumps or the squirting dicks where you can’t really clean the inside and have to soak up the lube like an old school water fun by squeezing and hoping you got enough in there.

This multi-tasking dildo is great on so many levels for pegging, cum play, Erectile dysfunction and partners who want to conceive.  The Base looks bigger and stable for being harness compatible.  The squirting function is great for cum play for all those bukake lovers.  The realistic function and look are great for those with erectile dysfunction and want to please their partner is that jizzy type of way. 😛  I also like the fact that you can make love with your partner and possibility of you actually creating a baby boo from pleasure and not a doctor’s office.

Go check out their crowdfunding site to see it for yourself on INDIEGOGO.  They also have their own site at SEMENETTE.COM.

I hope this thing does well, I know so many people that this would help out. ^_^

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