Basic Vibrators Lineup!!

Vibrators are pretty much any nifty electronic toy that can be used to just rub out a horrible kink in your neck or to stimulate the body’s nerves and erogenous zones!

A lot of people want a vibrator but they don’t really know what kind and what they are called.  So, these are the basic bitches of all basic vibrators!  This will help ya out when you need to buy a new one or if you just want to be fancy and gain some knowledge. 😉

smoothieName: Smoothie Slimline Vibe
The Gateway drug for vibrators.
Alias: Basic, Traditional Vibrator, Beginner Vibe, Popsicle Vibe
Stimulation Type: Clitoral, Internal

The Smoothie  or Slimline vibrators are  usually a great place to start to figure out what you really like and want out of a vibrator.  These are usually cylindrical and smooth in shape similar to a rocket or a missile with a tip that narrows.  Their size varies but is anywhere from 4″ to 9″ in length and the girth is smaller unlike dongs.  Majority of the Smoothie vibes have a gradual speed controller and a few have a push style button as well.  Since Smoothie Vibes tend to be made out of a hard plastic material the vibrations are stronger than other softer vibrators.

With this toy you can use it like a wand and the tip for clitoral and then if you feel up to it you can use it for internal… two in one special! 😛


002Name: Bullet
A necessity in every girl’s underwear drawer.
Alias: Egg Bullets, Egg vibrators
Stimulation Type: 

Bullets usually take on the appearance of it’s name like “bullet” or “egg”. These vibrating shapes are attached with a cord to the battery pack/controller.   The vibrating portion or bullet part is rather small in size and can usually fit in the palm of your hand or 2″ approximately.  Some bullets have a cord attached or they could even have a wireless remote and some bullets have the batteries solely in the bullet itself.  These make great for a pinpointed clitoral stimulation.  The simple bullets without a corded remote are great for discreet play and storage.


Wands | Personal Massagers| Pocket Vibrators
The Original Gangsters of Vibrators
Alias:  Hitachi, Magic Wand, Back Massager, BodyWand, Pocket Rocket

Wands and Personal Massag ers original purpose to massage muscles of the body and it helps to bring your partner or self to relaxed state of mind.  But! The intense vibrations are great to hold against the body for clitoral stimulation and forced orgasms.  Wands have a variety of attachments to create other stimulation.


Rabbit | Dual or Multi Stimulation
The toy for the indecisive and greedy bitches.
Alias: Rabbit Pearl, Jack Rabbit, Rabbit?

Rabbit style vibrators are a great, quick and easy way to get off.  With this single multi-tasking toy you get the best of both worlds whether you are doing this solo or with a partner.

Now, Just to clear things up since it’s a bit hazey,  A rabbit vibrator is just a type of vibrator that has a common shape with two components featured on the toy that usually puts it under this category.

  • The first portion of the toy, has a small piece that extends from the main shaft of the toy and this part rests on to the clitoris for a vibrating external stimulation.
  • The second portion of the toy is a shaft that is inserted vaginally and could have a various features that pump, rotate, vibrate and girate all kinds of crazy to give stimulation internally and possibly hit your g-spot.

Now, what mainly appeals to most about this type of toy, is that those two components of the Rabbit allows you to receive dual stimulation simultaneously or possibly separate depending on the style of the toy.    This double trouble of stimulation allows you to have multiple orgasms again, again and AGAIN!

Vibrating Dongs
Fans of the Real Deal.
Alias:  Dong, Dildo, Realistic, Life-life

If you are a big fan of the real thing there are phallic shaped dildos that vibrate.  Just like a real penis, there is quite a variety of them as for looks, sizes and shapes.  There are even kits to mold a favorite dick that you might like 😛   Unlike regular dongs, these type of dongs are a  little more versatile since you can warm up the oven with vibration then go in for the kill with internal stimulation.  Many vibrating dongs are made to be strap-on harness compatible or have have a suction cup bottom.  It makes it easy to use with a partner or solo to possibly back dat ass up.  ;P

Hooked on that feeling for the G’s out there.
Alias: —there isn’t really any alias’ since they are so distinctive.

G-spot toys are the toy that usually freaks out people fairly new to toys since it has this distinctive look.  These toys have a very abrupt curve upwards, a U-shape that loops around and rather hooks up to hit the G-spot internally.  They are made so that it can reach up and massage firmly towards the front wall of the vagina  These G-spot vibrators are one of the few toys that don’t really need to vibrate but they add that nice cherry on top.  I usually recommend this for self-stimulation since it would be easier to hit when you don’t have a partner’s help.

Vibrating Cock Rings
The “miracle bra” for cocks. They lift, squeeze & makes a cock look appealing.
Alias: C-rings, Love Rings, Erection Ring, Tension Ring

Just like a G-spot toy, Cock rings don’t need to vibrate but it’s just a cherry on top.  Cock rings are another way to introduce sex toys to a partner and still multi-task.  A cock ring keeps the penis harder, sensitive and more erect. While! Vibrating!  There are various rings that are designed to vibrate and hit the clitoris of your partner, beneath the balls or maybe one in between the shaft… or even clit, in-between and under the balls! Ohhhh the possibilities are endless.


These are just a few of the “main” vibrators, so you have an idea of what you may be looking for. 🙂

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