Don’t ask for piercings and body piercing jewelry.

Don’t come into an adult shop thinking that you can get pierced or buy the jewelry here.

If you’re looking to get pierced, be a smart human being and go to an actual piercing shop.  They specialize in that and are trained professionals and have a sterile environment for that.

Yes, some piercings are made to make sex enjoyable but piercings are more of a specialty type of thing.  Especially their jewelry!!!   It’s like going to Claire’s and buying some of their cheap jewelry and wondering why it’s tarnished and turning you green.  Why would you buy crap ass jewelry when it’s going in and on your body?!?  Treat your body with respect and go to a shop or buy online where they have high quality jewelry.

So, if you come into an adult shop and they look at you weird when you ask for belly button rings.  Just realize we sell sex toys and what not.  I haven’t encountered any sex toys for belly buttons or anyone who fucks belly buttons on the daily haha but when they start making it, i’ll be sure to tell everyone to stock it. 😛

… and since everyone and their mom’s keep asking me where they wanna get poked.

If you are in the Los Angeles area.  I recommend Studio City Tattoo & Piercing. You can check out their Yelp since they have 5 stars of goodness.



…now get out muh face with that nonsense & go buy a dong haha

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